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Little girl shared a special moment with Taylor Swift as she gave her the black hat onstage

The girl spotted Swift's parents in the crowd and went to greet them, which eventually led to a meeting with the singer during her performance of the song '22.'

Little girl shared a special moment with Taylor Swift as she gave her the black hat onstage
Image Source: Twitter | @hankwinchester

It is probably every Taylor Swift fan's dream to meet the singer in person or just get noticed by her at a concert. This dream came true for this 9-year-old girl from Rochester Hills in Michigan. In a video posted on Twitter by WDIV TV Detroit reporter Hank Winchester, Taylor Swift is seen handing the girl a black hat, playfully encouraging her to wear it from the stage. In return, the child presents the singer with a bracelet, which Taylor Swift graciously wears on her own hand. It is a ritual that the American pop star has been following throughout her sold-out "Eras Tour."

Image Source: Twitter | @hankwinchester
Image Source: Twitter | @hankwinchester

The kid's unforgettable moment was captured at Ford Field in Detroit over the weekend. Reportedly, the child spotted Swift's parents in the crowd and she was brave enough to go and greet them. This action of hers eventually led to her meeting the singer in the middle of her performance of the song "22."

In an interview with WDIV Local 4, the 9-year-old opened up about the whole experience, "So they had me kneel up on the stage and then I saw Taylor Swift come out and I was like, 'Oh my God,' and she was coming towards me," recalled Kenedy. When asked what she was thinking then, the girl said she was "speechless."

Image Source: Twitter | @hankwinchester
Image Source: Twitter | @hankwinchester

Kenedy also talked about how she ended up meeting Swift's parents. "There is this big VIP tent behind our seats until I saw her mom and dad were in it and I know what they look like," she said. Kenedy's mom added, "And we did see a few people go to her mom. So after a few songs, Kenedy told me can we please go say hi to her mom? I said, 'Sure, what do we have to lose.'" The kid has a usual conversation with Swift's mom. "I was like, 'This is my first concert and everything, big fan.'"

"After an hour, these security guards come up to us and are like 'follow us' and they take us to a gated out of like pathway," shared Kenedy. That's where she met the singer. "She came down to me, kneeled and I gave her my bracelet and I said, 'I love you' and she said I love you too.' And she gave me her hat in exchange and it is amazing," the little girl recalled.


Talking about what she is going to do with the hat, Kenedy said, "We are going to go for a glass case and my mom is gonna order. We are going to put it in our room and definitely keep it in the house." Her only message to Swift for meeting her is: "Thank you, it made my life." 


Swift's Detroit shows were the first in five years and there was a crowd of 60,000 on June 10 at Ford Field. There were two differences in the setlist. The singer performed 2014's "All You Had to Do Was Stay" on acoustic guitar and a rendition of her 2008's song "Breath" on piano. Though the singer had said that she was "recovering from a tiny cold" on Friday, there was no effect on her energy for her three-hour performance, according to Detroit Free Press.

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