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Little girl sends older sister off to school with hilarious daily reminders that are oddly relatable

This youngster sends her older sister off to school with positive affirmations full of lovely words as well as a very important reminder.

Little girl sends older sister off to school with hilarious daily reminders that are oddly relatable
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @allure.artistry

The bond between siblings is always special. Those who grew up with older or younger siblings know that living with them under the same roof can be a headache pretty often, but at the same time, siblings who love each other cannot bear the idea of staying away from each other for long. Mel Haskins—who goes by @allure.artistry on Instagram—posted a viral video of her daughters to highlight the heartwarming bond they share. It seems like the little girl of the family and her older sister have one of the most wholesome routines before the older one leaves for school each day. 

Image Source: Instagram | @allure.artistry
Image Source: Instagram | @allure.artistry

The younger sister ensures to send her older sister off with a series of words to tell her how much she is loved and a special reminder not to hit anybody in school. It might make the folks on the internet wonder if the little one has witnessed her sister having a physical fight with someone or if that's just an advanced reminder before any fight breaks out. "You are awesome. I love you. Don't hit people. Have fun. You are my best friend. I love you the most," the youngster shouts out the door at her sister, sending her off with a bunch of much-needed affirmations.

It proves there is no better way to start your morning than with a handful of kind words from the people you love. In one of the moments in the clip, the older sister promises that she won't fight and leaves for school after planting a kiss on her younger sister's forehead. Their mom added in the caption, "What better way to start your day than to have your little sister and biggest life cheerleader send you off with reminders that you're loved, awesome and of course not to hit people! Not sure why the 'don't hit people' is always one of her reminders, but it's a good reminder for us all."

Image Source: Instagram | @allure.artistry
Image Source: Instagram | @allure.artistry

People who came across this video were moved by the adorable sisters and the genuine love and care they have for each other. @imasoulrocker joked, "Older sister must have been in a gang before, thankfully, she's out now and her little sister is keeping her in check!" @ya_albi_angel commented, "My niece and nephew were saying bye to me one morning and they said, bye auntie, we love you, have a good day, don't die. I was like holy hell, maybe I need to stay home. Do they know something I don't?" @makingupforglossedtime wrote, "As a woman going through menopause, I appreciate the reminder."

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@sallywinterjames quipped, "All I can think about is how much the youngest sister probably hit people and heard that many times that she needs to spread the word." @gracetoparent added, "I love how big sister responds kindly each time like it's new advice. They are both so sweet." A sibling's love is reflected in many ways than just dropping them sweet reminders. A few years back, a brother from the Philippines won hearts across social media after he shared the stunning prom dress he created for his sister since their family couldn't afford to rent one.


Maverick Francisco Oyao—a college student from Zamboanga City—went above and beyond to give his sister, Lu Asey, the princess treatment for prom by designing and sewing an elaborate winter ball gown from scratch. "To those who helped us financially to finish it on time, thank you very much. You know who you are. I've done my part as a supportive brother and I will never get tired of supporting you. Your brother hopes to make you happy this Valentine's Day as well," Oyao wrote in the caption of his Facebook post, which went viral, adding that he isn't a professional designer and hopes that his design was good enough.

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