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Little girl's reaction to hearing herself for the first time is adorable: 'Sing me a song!'

She starts making more sounds just to hear herself. She then signs to the person recording the video, 'Sing me a song!'

Little girl's reaction to hearing herself for the first time is adorable: 'Sing me a song!'
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/Starkf_

Everyone doesn't understand the joy one feels when one gets to see the colorful world or hear different sounds for the first time. It's something we all take for granted and only understand its worth when we see someone being grateful for the gift of sight or hearing. In a beautiful video posted on Reddit by u/Starkf_, a child hears her voice for the first time and is astonished by this new experience in life. 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Starkf_
Image Source: Reddit/ u/Starkf_


The girl can be seen wearing a hearing aid and when the person sitting opposite her taps on their thighs, she feels overjoyed as she could hear the sound. She says, "Wooh!" And she is surprised to hear her own voice for the first time. She then starts making more sounds just to hear herself and her happiness holds no bounds. She then signs to the person recording the video, "Sing me a song! Three two one!"

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Starkf_
Image Source: Reddit/ u/SnooDoofles7962


The video has over 8.2k upvotes and 67 comments. It is captioned, "Hearing yourself for the first time." People on the social media platform were so happy for the child. u/MP2022G commented, "I'm just curious about her first time hearing music." u/arrakis2020 wrote, "Hahaha. She was really surprised to hear herself for the first time. It's absolutely awesome." u/Renyen0 expressed, "These videos never fail to make me tear up. I cannot possibly fathom what the experience of not hearing and then being able to hear might be like." u/Phreekyj101 shared, "So happy for her, the genuine smile is definitely awesome." u/Impressive_Ad_3160 commented, "I wish this was a series. I’d love to see her hear music for the first time, or hear a meowy kitty, a happy dog, her family’s voices." u/7000lieb wrote, "Man we need a follow-up video of her hearing music for the first time!!"

Image Source: Reddit/u/Starkf_
Image Source: Reddit/u/Starkf_


The child's reaction to hearing her own voice was something that really made many people emotional and it shows how much we really need to value the small things in life.  

In another heartwarming video posted by u/Raising_Danger on Reddit, a 10-year-old kid was gifted colorblind glasses for his birthday. He is seen entering the room and searching for his gift hidden amidst many balloons. When he opens it and realizes what it is, he immediately starts crying and hugs his mother. His father asks him to try on the glasses and to look at the balloons. Jude continues to cry and keeps repeating, "Thank you so much." He comes back for hugs from his mother and thanks her. He then hugs his father, who wishes him, "Happy Birthday, Jude."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Raising_Danger
Image Source: Reddit | u/Raising_Danger


This heartwarming video has more than 67,000 upvotes. It is captioned, "My son getting his colorblind glasses for his 10th birthday." Many on Reddit marvel at how greateful the child is towards his parents. One user, u/Iaemloise2 commented, "What a sweet, sweet kid. I love how important it was to him to thank you first, even though he knew what was in store. I’m excited for him and all the new discoveries he’s about to make!" Another viewer of the video u/fmaholly wrote, "That is a kid who truly sees the value in those glasses. You could see and hear how grateful he is. I’m so happy to have seen this today." 

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