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Little girl has the most adorable reaction to seeing dad without his beard for the first time

She is surprised and takes a second to recognize her father without facial hair and everyone is in awe of their bond.

Little girl has the most adorable reaction to seeing dad without his beard for the first time
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @a_southern_confession

The bond between fathers and daughters is often a special and unique one that transcends conventional expectations. Daughters also seem to have a fondness for their fathers keeping a beard. This preference can be seen as a reflection of the comfort and security that they associate with father figures. Kristin—who goes by @a_southern_confession on Instagram—a working mother, shared a hilarious video of her daughter finding out that her father had shaved his beard. The funny video has amassed 3.1 million views and 108,330 likes on the social media site.

Image Source: Instagram | @a_southern_confession
Image Source: Instagram | @a_southern_confession

At the start of the video, we can see the cute baby girl cooing near the sofa. She looks around and is quite shocked to see her dad looking drastically different without his beard. Her mother asks her, "Who is that?" but the toddler is still in shock and continues to look at her father in disbelief. The girl continues staring and begins taking a few steps back from her dad, who is now in the room, which gets her mom laughing. What made the situation even more funny was that she began to shake her head, indicating that she was not on board with her father's decision to shave his beard.

Image Source: Instagram | @a_southern_confession
Image Source: Instagram | @a_southern_confession

The camera pans to her dad, who looks quite handsome without his beard and is amused to see his daughter's genuine reaction. The baby looks at the mother briefly, evidently still confused about what is going on. Her father moves towards her and the girl reaches her breaking point, bursting into tears. Her mother tries to comfort her, saying that it is indeed her father, but she does not want to hear anything and continues crying. The father is rather surprised to see this and moves closer to try and comfort her.

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He bends down to pick her up and kisses her. The girl extends her hand out to her mother and continues to cry, showcasing how upset she was at seeing her dad's beard gone. The parents continue to laugh, seeing their daughter's pure reaction. People found the video quite comedic and shared their thoughts in the comments section. @bill_blaszyk1 funnily said, "My daughter had a similar reaction when I shaved mine off. It was the first time she was me without facial hair. She was 27."

Image Source: TikTok| @kiergaines
Image Source: TikTok | @kiergaines

Some time back, Kier Gaines—who goes by @kiergaines on TikTok—shared a video capturing his daughter's heartwarming reaction to a surprise that he had for her. He starts the video by saying, "Remember when I said I was gonna take a train to go to Philadelphia and I said I wasn't gonna leave today? I am leaving today." His daughter is not too happy to hear this but manages to hide her reaction by gently nodding. He then asked her if she wanted to know the good news and that got her attention.

Image Source: TikTok| @kiergaines
Image Source: TikTok | @kiergaines

He then revealed, "The good news is you're going to Philadelphia with me and the reason I'm going to Philadelphia is because you and I are gonna go on a date." The girl was very happy to hear this and a wholesome smile broke out on her face. He continued, "We're going to stay in the hotel, we're going to go to the play museum, and the hotel has a swimming pool and we're going to take the train to Philadelphia." He finally asked her if she would join him, to which she happily replied that she would.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 9, 2024. It has since been updated.

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