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Little girl has adorable banter with mother over her baby brother and it is so wholesome

The way the little girl holds her brother and makes plans, it is no secret that she's going to love and protect him most admirably!

Little girl has adorable banter with mother over her baby brother and it is so wholesome
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @hannahejacob

There is nothing more wholesome than welcoming a new baby into a family when there is a toddler in the picture. As tiny as they are, the little siblings can not get enough of the fact that they are now older siblings and their protective mode gets activated immediately. With their tiny hands and feet and still learning so much about the world, they are ready to take on anything that comes in between them or the new baby sibling. Hannah Jacob–who goes by @hannahejacob on Instagram–shared a similar experience in an adorable video where her toddler daughter decided to take her infant brother in her own hands…Quite literally! The little girl is seen overjoyed at the sight of a tiny infant coming into her life.

Image Source: Instagram| @hannahejacob
Image Source: Instagram| @hannahejacob

As she is gleaming with joy, her motherly and sisterly instincts kick in and her tiny hands hold on to her baby brother ever so gently. She holds his tiny fingers and very boldly tells her mom, "You're not going to get him back from me. I going to hold him for 1 thousand hours." The mom who is unable to get over the wholesomeness of the love her children already share for each other played along. She said, "But that's my baby." The little girl sparing no time, said, "It's my baby." The girl then informed her mother that she would be taking her baby brother outside and knew perfectly well that she had to put a jacket on him. "I'll put a jacket on boff of us," she said.

Image Source: Instagram| @hannahejacob
Image Source: Instagram| @hannahejacob

The mom chuckled away and asked where her daughter was out to take him. “To Walmart,” she replied. “What are you going to get him?” the mom asked again. The girl looked at her baby brother endearingly and said that she’d get him baby toys before touching her cheek to his cheek. “Don’t you think he needs some milk,” the mom enquired, enjoying the situation. On further asking how she planned to feed the baby, her daughter had the right answer. “I’m going to put it in a bottle and put it in him mouth.” The mother-daughter duo engaged in an amusing banter for a few more seconds before the video concluded.

Image Source: Instagram| @hannahejacob
Image Source: Instagram| @hannahejacob

However, the little girl quickly responded to all that her mum asked to assure her that she would manage well with what she called “her baby.” The adorable video went viral, garnering 24 million views and over 1 million likes. Commenters were awestruck with the love the little tots shared for one another. Many mums who had similar instances commented on the video. @seraphineas_style_world said, “The moment he poops, sister is nowhere to be found.”

@egapadyachee said, “He looks so undisturbed by the fact she's keeping him hostage... he's completely comfortable with sisi!” @sydellebelle said, “I love her definition of being a mommy is ‘going outside and putting a jacket on both of us'." said, “I love how he is comfortable in her lap not even trying to escape.” @slayomi_andres recalled, “This was me with my baby brother. He's 14 now!”

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