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Little girl has a joyful reaction to spotting parents during performance at school

When her eyes finally meet her parents' gaze, her face lights up with pure excitement, stealing the hearts of many.

Little girl has a joyful reaction to spotting parents during performance at school
Cover Image Source: Youtube | @FrontPageClips

Parents believe they bring their children into the world to make them happy. However, more often than not, the little gestures matter and this viral video on Youtube clearly shows that. This little girl is performing for a class program and constantly looking throughout the audience to get one glimpse of her parents. It indicates how much showing this performance to her parents means to her. She has been practicing for days to put it on display and her excitement knows no bounds when her eyes finally meet her parents in the crowd. The soft smile on her face steals everyone's heart.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Jimbobthefrog
Image Source: Youtube | @FrontPageClips

Bureau of Labor Statistics has revealed that 65% of families in America have working parents. These families work to enhance their collective future and therefore, often ignore small moments like getting dinner together or enjoying playtime with each other. Ignorance can cause children to develop depression and anxiety, according to the verywell family. Hence, parents must keep showing up in whichever capacity possible. Moreover, these moments are precious and will never come back for either party.

Image Source: Reddit/
Image Source: Youtube | @FrontPageClips

The parents shooting the viral video wanted to show that "showing up" for kids matters. The joy children feel when they are prioritized by their parents is evident in the girl, who instantly lights up after locating her parents. In school events, children put in a lot of effort and want to share the experience with their loved ones. Parents might feel that small events organized by the school do not matter, but in the end, these are the memories children hold on to their entire lives. The munchkin is dancing with pompoms in her hand in what seems to be a synchronized performance. Throughout the performance, it looks like her eyes are searching for her parents, and when she sees them, it is a moment to behold.

The text overlay in the video is "Proof that showing up for your kids matters." These events make children feel that they are their parents' utmost priority. Though busy schedules might prevent many parents from not turning up, they must try their best and communicate that to their children. If they feel they are neglected, then it can bring hordes of issues in their growth, like impairments in executive function and self-regulation skills, as reported by Harvard University. Therefore, it is essential to make time for children and keep them happy.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Willing-Bookkeeper21
Image Source: Reddit


Image Source: Reddit/ u/Watermelon_and_boba
Image Source: Reddit

The comment section on the SubReddit u/mademesmile was delighted to see the genuine happiness on the girl's face. u/AfternoonPast3324 shared how he tried to make his daughter happy by showing up, "I hated my last job. I did fieldwork and never had a definite quitting time. I had to use vacation time to make it to my daughters' different games & events. However, those smiles like this one when they spot you in the crowd made it all worthwhile." u/Hammer-663 shared about the happiness obvious in the girl's face, "Pure love in that beautiful face."


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