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Little girl ends joke-telling session with her parents on an epic note, hilariously roasting her dad

For the little girl, just one word is enough to be a funny joke. It gets even better when she adds her own takes to the jokes.

Little girl ends joke-telling session with her parents on an epic note, hilariously roasting her dad
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @austingeter

Austin Miles Geter is known for his adorably funny videos on TikTok. Now, something more hilarious happened when his daughter Charlie Geter took over. In a short TikTok video, the little girl was asked to crack jokes. With just a few lines, she was in splits along with her parents. As the video starts her dad asks her what joke would she like to hear. The girl replies, “The door is banana.” As soon as her dad repeated it she squealed with laughter along with her parents. The jokes continued and soon Charlie Geter took over, giving the internet something to gush over.

Image Source: TikTok | @austingeter
Image Source: TikTok | @austingeter

As the video progresses the girl’s mom chimes in with a “Daddy’s nose is play dough.” The girl laughs while saying, “Mommy’s nose is play dough.” In quick succession, she points at her dad and hilariously roasts him, saying, “Your teeth is yellow (sic).” Her quick comment leaves everyone rolling with laughter. Austin Geter shared the video on TikTok with the caption, “Bruh we were just having fun telling jokes and @charliegeter decided to come for me.” The video just goes to show that kids can be a little too honest and effortlessly funny. No doubt the “The door is banana” and “Your teeth is yellow” have become Charlie Geter’s classic lines as pointed out by multiple people in the comments of the video. 

Image Source: Instagram | @austingeter
Image Source: TikTok| @austingeter

People in the comments couldn't stop appreciating the little girl's sense of humor and wit. TikTok user @yesitsme commented, "She's the next Jeff Ross, she started with a silly joke and then boom! Take that!" Another user @hellookaygoodbye commented, "The way she just proceeded to eat after like she didn't just grill you." People also appreciated Charlie Geter's straight-to-the-point punch lines. User @vagabond wrote, "Charlie knew that was per punch line when she started with the banana joke." No doubt some people also experienced a little second-hand embarrassment for the dad. User @guera commented, "I'd never leave the house again." Another user @chugnette tried to defend the dad and commented, "Maybe she said, 'The cheese is yellow.'" Nevertheless, the hilarious video keeps people coming back for more, proving Charlie Geter's a comedy genius.

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A post shared by Austin Miles Geter (@austingeter)



Image Source: TikTok | @austingeter
Image Source: TikTok | @austingeter


Image Source: TikTok | @austingeter
Image Source: TikTok | @austingeter

In another similar story, a little girl expressed her disappointment about not getting to marry her dad. These instances bear testimony to the special connection girls share with their dads. The little girl, Bella, came across her mom and dad's wedding photos when she was going through other family pictures. With teary eyes, she asked her mom if her dad whom she lovingly refers to as "Matt dad" was already married. Her mom answered, "Yes, do you think you will get married one day too?" The little girl answered sadly that there were "no two Matt dads," adding that there was "only one." After the little one was over her crying fit, her mom asked as "Matt dad" was married, who was she going to marry? To which the little one replied "Nobody!" Jenna Atkinson, the little girl's mom, believes that Bella's dad has set the bar high for his daughter. 

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