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Little girl discusses marriage with her dad resulting in a hilarious conversation

Jette has big plans for when she gets married and she is already making the do's and don'ts clear with her dad!

Little girl discusses marriage with her dad resulting in a hilarious conversation
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @theblackmanfamilyofficial

Dads and daughters have a very emotionally adorable bond till it comes to the talk about marriage. That’s when things get hilariously interesting because dads completely lose their machismo the minute they get the idea of their little girls having to leave them one day. A similar conversation was shared between toddler Jette and her father and he cannot help but give the most ruthless stares like a child whose candy has been stolen. In an Instagram video, the @blackmanfamilyofficial captured the heartwarming conversation between the father and daughter. “Dad, what are you going to do when I get married?” Jette asked as she lay on her father’s chest.

Image Source: Instagram| @theblackmanfamilyofficial
Image Source: Instagram| @theblackmanfamilyofficial

While her dad seemed unbothered by the conversation at first, he very casually replied, “I’m going to come and live with you.” Jette very cunningly mentioned to him that he couldn’t be living with a married person. Her dad then got on his thinking cap to play along with Jette. He said, “I live with your mum.” Jette, serving the most straightforward response, let him know that he was living with his wife and with his kids who weren't married yet. “That’s why we’re all living together,” she said. The dad, not wanting to get into the conversation as much as possible, remained on his phone but Jette had her dialogues to deliver. She said, “Dad, when I get married, you are not to live in my house, you have to live in your house.”

Image Source: Instagram| @theblackmanfamilyofficial
Image Source: Instagram| @theblackmanfamilyofficial

The little toddler dared to apply lip gloss on her father’s lips while telling him that he wasn’t to be with her when she was married. Her dad gave the most grumpy and childish stare ever while Jette hysterically kept applying the lip gloss on him. “I also want to have my own family,” she said. When her dad refused to reply, Jette persisted and said, “You don’t live with your dad and mum. So I can live on my own when I’m an adult.” Her dad getting all into dad mode said, “You can live on your own but not with a boy.” Jette then said, “Dad when I’m 40, I’ll get married and have a house. Okay?” Naive little Jette didn’t know how far away 40 lies while her dad let out the tiniest relief. He said, “Okay! Can I get that in writing? 40-year-old Jette, okay?” Jette, still trying to get on her dad’s nerves most adorably asked, "How old were you when you were married.”

Image Source: Instagram| @theblackmanfamilyofficial
Image Source: Instagram|@theblackmanfamilyofficial

Now the dad knew something was cooking but still relieved, he said, “I was 25 Jette.” Then Jette made her comeback, “I’m going to get married when I’m 25 years old.” The dad then got back to being all jumpy about it and simply looked over at his daughter who was making plans to let go of him. He looked into the camera and gave the saddest and most disapproving head shake indicating a big no. Every dad becomes a tantrum-throwing kid when it comes to the topic of their daughter’s marriage. Jette’s conversation with her dad caused several fellow parents to recollect similar conversations with their kids. @partricia_chiemena said, “I keep saying it, these kids aren't kids, they're like ‘recycled ancestors’ because what?!” @ashutoshkaul revealed, “We men just can't process our daughters leaving us.”

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