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Woman called 'Sidewalk Susan' sprays away child's chalk art as she breaks down in tears

Apparently this stone-hearted woman seems to think she's an expert sidewalk chalk art critic.

Woman called 'Sidewalk Susan' sprays away child's chalk art as she breaks down in tears
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/woofing_sub

A video shared on Reddit's Entitled B**** subreddit has left people horrified at the heartless antics of a woman who has now been christened "Sidewalk Susan." The video titled "A Karen at her finest destroying a child's chalk work" shows an everyday old white woman with all the telltale signs of a Susan—hairstyle, tracksuit, random victim card, entitlement—hosing down a child's chalk art while the horrified child watches. The woman shows no signs of compassion as she ruthlessly washing the little girl's artwork off even as the child breaks down before her.



The 35-second-long video—presumably shot by the little girl's mother—begins with a shot of the child's tearstained face while the older woman goes at the chalk drawings with a water hose. "I hope you’re proud of yourself," the woman behind the camera asks the heartless art hater who continues to wash the art off the ground, justifying her cruel behavior by claiming that the rain would've washed it all away anyway. So... she was trying to make the job easier for the rain? Does anyone know when the rain gods put cold-hearted Susan here in charge of making it rain in her neighborhood?



The mother obviously pointed out the flaw in the driveway washer's logic by saying, "So when it rains it rains." However, Miss Stone Cold 2020 refuses to back down and goes on to say: "We don’t want to have to look down at this mess." Yep, she called the child's artwork a mess right in front of the little girl. Who hurt you, woman? The child's mother replies that they—whoever the other art haters are—could've simply chosen not to look at the chalk drawings if they hated it so much. "We live here," the woman said in return as if she lived in the very parking lot where the little girl was drawing.

Image Source: Imgur/Mndlssphnxxx


It most certainly wasn't the unsympathetic woman's private property the girl was drawing on and to treat the drawings in such a manner before the child's very eyes was just brutal. As people gasped at the woman's lack of thoughtfulness or consideration for the child, the video eventually made its way to Twitter, where user tash.0 christened the lady "Sidewalk Susan" the Karens of sidewalks. Meanwhile, a bit of backstory to the sidewalk incident emerged on Reddit when u/Mndlssphnxxx shared screenshots of the little girl's mother revealing that this isn't the first time the old woman has been mean to them.

Image Source: Reddit/ Mndlssphnxxx


As it turns out, "Sidewalk Susan" doesn't have issues with all sidewalk chalk drawings, just that of this little girl. The mother revealed that the woman hadn't pulled this stunt when another kid drew on the sidewalk a day prior to this incident. Moreover, she even once yelled at the little girl when she was playing outside, screaming at her to "shut up." She also seems to believe she's the parking lot police, leaving notices on the doors of everyone in the community that kids are banned from using the parking lot.

Image Source: Reddit/ Mndlssphnxxx


Commenting on the woman's peak white lady behavior, Reddit user The_Biggest_Pickle wrote: Seriously, another kid went out and played with chalk and he didn't get the same treatment? The womans yelling at the daughter to shut up? I can't imagine how mad the mom is. Plus it shows why shes recording. Woman's been f***ng with them for a while, and she wanted proof her and her children were being harassed. If I lived nearby and there wasn't a pandemic I would crowdsource a group of people to come do the entire parking lot at like 5 in the morning. F** this woman. Seriously, Susans. Do better.

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