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Little boy's adorable shaving routine with dad is melting everyone’s heart on the internet

The dad included his son in his shaving routine most adorably and the son was proud of being a part of it.

Little boy's adorable shaving routine with dad is melting everyone’s heart on the internet
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @lewplustwo

The first shave is quite a big thing for many men. How can it not be when it is considered a sign of growing up in many countries and cultures? However, when a toddler far from needing it does it, the process seems funny and adorable. A dad shared a cute moment with his little man as they shaved together. The video shared by parents Stephanie and Lachie—who goes by @lewplustwo on Instagram—of the adorable moment has garnered a lot of attention. People can not get enough of the heartwarming interaction.

Image Source: Instagram | @lewplustwo
Image Source: Instagram | @lewplustwo

The father and son are getting ready for a shave in the video. The dad for a real one and the son for a fake one, perhaps just to spend more father and son bonding time. The dad gently applied foam to the son's face. He already had foam on his own. He put the little boy down beside the sink and pretended to use the razor on his face. The dad hilariously told the boy to put his chin up in a bid to make the activity look as real as possible. The little boy also cutely tried to return the favor. After washing up, the dad handed his son a pea-sized drop of aftershave that the son put on his face with one finger.

Image Source: Instagram | @lewplustwo
Image Source: Instagram | @lewplustwo

However, a woman, supposedly the mom, quickly wiped off the cream from his face to ensure no uncomfortable skin reaction. To make the wholesome moment even more complete, the man's daughter also made an appearance in the video, feeling how soft her dad's face had gotten after the shave and applying cream to it. The creator captioned the video, "He was so proud." People took to the comments to talk about the heartwarming moment.

Image Source: Instagram | @thatswhatshreesaid
Image Source: Instagram | @thatswhatshreesaid
Image Source: Instagram | @browncultured_
Image Source: Instagram | @browncultured_

@brad_duncan7 pointed out, "You're such a wonderful dad, bro!" @karencarperhudgins commented, "How possibly cute is this! He is already a little man and I know I just saw him 'tiny!'" @korntje remarked, "I can look over and over at such tenderness." @patriciagoethel expressed, "My heart can't take so much cuteness."

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In another similar story, a dad and son stepped for a stranger who was scared to use the escalator in a wholesome way. In the Reddit video, the man looked visibly terrified to step on the escalator and couldn't do it, even though he tried to go ahead several times. Soon enough, a man came in, held his hand and asked him if he was scared. When the person affirmed the dad's doubts, he told him to relax and take a step forward. Even the man's son came in and held the stranger's other hand. "I'm here. Don't worry, I'm Batman," the child said. The child kept holding the stranger's hand until they reached the bottom of the escalator. The man who was scared to get on the escalator was a part of the social experiment to see if people would help someone stuck on an escalator and it was beautiful to see the family step in to help the man. "We need more men like him," the caption of the video read.


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