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Little boy has a meltdown before participating in a race but he ultimately wins it

A young boy threw a fit, refusing to participate in a race but he ultimately ended up bagging the gold medal when his mom did something special to make him run.

Little boy has a meltdown before participating in a race but he ultimately wins it
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Wang Ang Subdistrict Administrative Organization

It's normal for young kids to throw tantrums at social events, and not every child is enthusiastic about participating in sports. During these times, a little push from supportive parents can work miracles. One 5-year-old boy had a meltdown just before his race was about to start. The Wang Ang Subdistrict Administrative Organization in Thailand's Cha-uat District organized a kids' sporting event in June 2024.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Markus Spiske
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Markus Spiske

The event included a segment where kids were to participate in a sprint. Participants in orange, yellow, and red shirts were ready to race, except for one boy who clung to his mother, crying bitterly and showing no interest in the race. Video footage of the moment was shared on the organization's Facebook page.


"The mother is very witty. A 5-year-old child competes in a running competition but cries for his mother and refuses to run, crying alone and clinging to his mother's leg. Only 2 people are competing in this program. In the end, the mother ran away from her child. Then the child ran after him and the result was 1st place," the translated caption on the video read. The kid was bawling his eyes out until his mother came up with an ingenious plan to start running away from him.


The child immediately sprinted after her as soon as the whistle blew, eventually winning the race and earning the gold medal against his only other opponent. In pictures posted on the Facebook page, the boy is seen standing on the first-place block with his medal around his neck. Similarly, in another story, a father stepped in to help his son win a video game match.

An X user, @DangoheartAni, shared a wholesome incident where he was stuck on a particular level of a game he was playing. At that moment, his father noticed him and asked if he could try his hand at playing the game. Since it was a fighting genre video game, one would think the dad had a strategy to win where his child couldn't. However, the dad hilariously plops down on the seat and begins mashing the buttons on the controller furiously. It might not look like a wise strategy to win a video game but the dad surprisingly manages to defeat the opponent in all three rounds.


The viewers loved him for his contagious energy and approach to the game and the video garnered over 4.2 million views and 78,000 likes so far. The son, who was losing at the "Tekken" game to his opponent, who was playing the role of "Kazuya," made a glorious comeback with the help of his seemingly clueless dad. For the first few seconds, it's unclear how he is faring in the game. After what seems to be an eternity of pushing random buttons on the controller, the game states that he has emerged victorious with a knockout of his opponent. The dad, full of energy, stands up, pumps his fists in the air and smiles as his gamer son can be heard celebrating his dad's victory.

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