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Little boy goes to people's doorsteps to let them know that they matter: 'You're a good person'

He delivered a heartfelt speech, reminding anyone listening that they matter and are cared for by someone.

Little boy goes to people's doorsteps to let them know that they matter: 'You're a good person'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ashleyfeyann

True kindness is a selfless act that goes beyond merely offering help or assistance. It embodies a genuine desire to bring joy and happiness to others, without any expectation of receiving anything in return. This was experienced by a woman who checked footage from her doorbell camera. Ashley—who goes by @ashleyfayeann on TikTok—who is a resident of Minnesota posted a heartfelt video about a young boy who said something special to her through the doorbell camera. He stood near her door and gave a touching speech.

Image Source: TikTok | @ashleyfayeann
Image Source: TikTok | @ashleyfayeann

Right before he spoke, he removed a fly and then he started with his speech, "You matter alright? There’s always going to be somebody that cares about you. You’re a good person, no matter what people say, you matter.” Soon, a few kids tried to ring the bell at her home and run away. To this, the kid said,  “Ignore them, they’re losers, they’re ding dong ditching you and I’m just trying to say something nice.”

Before going from her doorstep, he adds “Whoever you are, you matter to someone. Keep that in mind, don’t forget that.” This short video has gained the love of many people and garnered 110K likes and many positive comments. @1stclass commented, "Bro just walked away like his the main character." @rozei shared, "Someone gotta let him know that he matters too." @Brenda even asked, "Excuse me who's responsible for this amazing little person??!!!" @birdmilk observed, "Kid is straight outta some 90’s heartfelt movie."

Image Source: TikTok | @ashleyfayeann
Image Source: TikTok | @ashleyfayeann

The reason this kid is winning hearts is that he has done a selfless act of kindness by telling this woman and possibly other people that they matter to their loved ones. At a time, when people are becoming more and more lonely as they sit behind phones and laptop screens to work and connect with others. This gesture is refreshing to watch. As we all need a little assurance, every now and then. In another heartwarming story where a kid won hearts, by hugging the street dogs on the way to school. The video of the boy hugging dogs has since gone viral on Facebook.


The boy has been identified as Ibrahim. The 30-second clip is a beautiful visual of the love this boy holds for all canines. The footage is 2 years old and is evidently being filmed by an individual in the nearby building. At the beginning of the footage, the boy is giving the dog a big hug. He then goes on to pet another dog with a big grin. Thereafter, he goes on his own way, but halfway through, he seems to have changed his mind and returns to give the dog a longer and more tender hug compared to before.

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