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Little boy has the most wholesome reaction after discovering two 'princesses can marry each other'

The newlyweds had their very own fairytale moment on their wedding day thanks to a young boy who spotted the radiant brides and excitedly pointed out the 'princesses' to his mom.

Little boy has the most wholesome reaction after discovering two 'princesses can marry each other'
Image source: Kirsty McLachlan/Instagram

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on March 29, 2022.

It's been three years since Bea Watson married her now-wife, Emma Webster-Mockett. While some memories from their wedding day have slowly begun to fade, there's one that remains as fresh as if it was just yesterday. The newlyweds had their very own fairytale moment soon after exchanging their vows when a little boy spotted the radiant brides and excitedly pointed out the "princesses" to his mom. What followed was a heartwarming interaction between the couple and the mother-son duo which was beautifully captured on camera by the wedding photographer, Kirsty McLachlan.


These images went viral on social media the first Valentine's Day after their wedding on November 10, 2018, when Bea posted it on Twitter to celebrate two years of her relationship with Emma. According to HuffPost, the memorable interaction occurred as the couple was walking through Glasgow Botanic Gardens in Scotland for their photos. Noticing the women's flowing white dresses and glamorous hair, the young lad put two and two together and decided that they simply must be royalty. "Look at those princesses!" he excitedly said to his mom, who turned to the newlyweds and passed on her son's message.


"My wife and I decided we had to speak to him," Emma recounted. When they walked over, the young lad in the red jacket asked them if one of them had gotten married. "We married each other," Emma explained. "Two princesses then?" he wondered. According to the couple, his mind seemed blown in the most delightful way when his mom explained: "Yes, two princesses can marry each other!" They, too, were moved by the brief-but-heartwarming encounter as Emma admitted that she nearly cried after the wholesome interaction. "My wife was just over the moon. And we were both delighted that the boy's mother didn't hesitate and just stepped right in and normalized same-sex marriage," she said.


"It was something we will never forget," she added. "And it made our day a bit more magical." The story nearly had Twitter weeping happy tears when Bea shared it to commemorate the couple's second anniversary of dating. "Big appreciation for that boy's mum who straight up tells him 'yeah, this is a thing that happens.' That lad will turn out alright," commented Twitter user Hong Kong Hermit. "I usually roll my eyes at things like this because I'm a cynical b***h but OMG TOO CUTE," wrote Stacie Leigh.



"This proves homophobia is through nurture not nature," pointed out Catherine Folkes, adding: "You both look fab! Congratulations." Twitter user Sara Patnaude had a similarly adorable story and photos to share in response to Emma and Bea's story. "OMG!!!! I died. And my story is NOT as amazing as yours but a precious little prince also admired me in my wedding gown, calling me a princess, and he WOULD. NOT. LET. GO. OF. MY. HAND. I exploded on the spot, obviously. We do not deserve the pureness of children," she wrote.



Although they never expected their story to go viral, now that it has caught public attention, Emma hopes it will inspire others to be as loving and open-minded as the little boy. "I hope that people see that if a child could understand two women marrying each other, then why can't lawmakers and people who have the power to make a difference see that too?" she said. "And give the LGBTQIA+ community the same rights and treatment as heterosexual people."


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