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Little boy creates a handmade book to express how much he loves his elder brother

He put in all his efforts in drawing and creating this adorable. book that will always be his elder brother's prized possession.

Little boy creates a handmade book to express how much he loves his elder brother
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Cthulade_Man

Growing up with an older sibling is a profound experience for everyone. In between all the pranks, fights and arguments, there lies immense support and love siblings hold for each other. Reddit user u/Cthulade_Man shared such proof of love from his younger brother in the form of an adorable book. This beautiful gesture displays the amount of love and respect the young one has for his brother. The older brother shared a few pages from the handmade book he received and they have melted everyone's hearts online.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Cthulade_Man
Image Source: Reddit | u/Cthulade_Man

The brother shared that the pictures he has posted beneath it depict the book his younger brother has written about something he loves, possibly for some school assignment. As one scrolls through a bunch of pictures, one can see the amount of effort put in by the child. There is also a message on the front of the "book," which reads, "I love my brother Michel." A cartoon military man is also drawn at the bottom of the page, giving a salute. The next three pages are written in jumbled words and sentences that are thankfully translated by the older brother for the Reddit community.

"Final photo translation: 'I like my brother he works in the military and I love him. He works hard and I am proud of him. I love him so much. So, readers, I'm telling you what I love and why. Thanks for reading.' I actually cried at this, my little brother is my mini me and one of my lights in my darkness and I love him so much," the big brother shared. At the end of the photo carousel, he shared a sweet selfie with his younger brother and how they are both hilariously missing one front tooth each.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Cthulade_Man
Image Source: Reddit | u/Cthulade_Man

The Reddit community was moved by this story and gesture. They pored their love and support for the brothers in the comments section. u/Jazzlike_Disaster40 wrote, "Children don't know how to lie, their affection is the purest thing in the world. Those pictures make me miss my little sister, we have been living apart for over 5 years because she moved to another country to live with my mother." u/yyccanada shared, "I love this so much, you'd better keep it forever. My youngest sister died in 2018. We are 11 years apart. Soon after her death, I found her school journal from primary and she wrote about how excited she was for me to come home from university and listed all the fun things we would do. I cherish those words so much. Keep this forever, this is beautiful!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/RepresentativeNice22
Image Source: Reddit | u/RepresentativeNice22

u/Beaglund noted, "This is so cute and it's amazing he idolizes you. You must be a great person. As a role model to him, please encourage him to have good oral health. His permanent teeth already have signs of pre-decay and his baby teeth are decayed. I hope this doesn't sound rude. I just want this adorable young man you love to shine!" The older brother responded to this and wrote, "Yeah, I try to haha. Don't want him having messed up teeth like mine, but I lost my tooth in a baseball accident, but I still wish I took better care of them when I was younger." u/DrFunckalupicus added, "That's awesome, dude! I hope you're able to hold to that for a long time. And from a fellow vet, thanks for serving."

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