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Little boy confidently vibes to musician's upbeat song at a restaurant and it is a whole mood

Musician Zack Couron was pleasantly surprised when he got a song request from a little boy, followed by quite a performance by him.

Little boy confidently vibes to musician's upbeat song at a restaurant and it is a whole mood
Cover Image Source: Youtube/@zackattacka

A lot of times, you come across certain people in life who leave you with a smile, without you even realizing it. This is the story of one such amazing kid, who made a restaurant full of people happy with his joyfulness. Whoever said smiling is contagious had something right because after you see this video, you are not going to be able to disagree. Zack Couron is a musician from Florida. He frequents restaurants and cafes in the Florida Keys region where he performs. During one such performance, something unforgettable and beautiful happened, so Zack decided to capture the moment and took to his Instagram to share the incident with everyone.

Image Source: Youtube/@zackattacka
Image Source: YouTube/@zackattacka


When Zack went to perform his daily gig at the Italian Food Company, he met two unexpected fans jamming with him on his tunes - two adorable little boys. Looking at them smiling, he continued playing till he finished the song. And then, he asked the more enthusiastic of the two boys what kind of songs they wanted to hear, or if he had any song suggestions or requests. To that, the boy promptly replied, "Red Red Wine" - a 1983 song by UB40. To this, Zack had only one response: "Yeah, I could do that." What the little guy did not know was that Zack had a looping cover ready for "Red Red Wine" and it was one of his most popular creations. 

Image Source: Youtube/@zackattacka
Image Source: YouTube/@zackattacka


When Zack did finally start playing, that's when the real magic started. The kid was a blast, with such inspired moves and a kind of radiance that only childhood reflects. But then, he realized that he had cameras on him. And well, let's just say the cameras made him give the performance of a lifetime. He swayed and danced like there was no tomorrow, and it was the sweetest thing ever. In fact, Zack said, "I do it for moments like these. Shout out to my homie RY." We get you Zack, we do! Such moments are rare to come by, and so beautiful that they stay for as long as you may live.



Zack, who hails from West Coast, recently moved to South Florida's Upper Keys, according to his website. Since 2017, he has given public performances at theaters, clubs, restaurants, festivals, and other venues. He is famously known for his masterful multi-instrument live looping. Furthermore, Zack constructs each section of the song naturally and without any backtracking in front of the crowd. Zack's repertoire includes a range of genres, but he is particularly skilled in blues, funk, reggae, and country. He also engages the audience and exudes positive energy. He is a terrific performer to watch because he has both recent successes and timeless oldies in his arsenal. Zack not only has a knack only for music but he also fancies himself quite the cinematographer, as per his alternate Instagram account, @couron.creative. 

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The video can make anyone having a bad day smile. The innocence of the kid mixed with the beautiful beats and tunes of Zack's music are a match made in heaven. The child single-handedly lifted up the vibe of the whole restaurant without even realizing it. In Zack's own words for their video, "the confidence is unmatched."

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