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Boy asking his father to officially adopt him has the internet crying happy tears: ''Best gift ever'

The kid and the father burst into tears as they hugged each other. 'Always been a dad to me,' said the boy.

Boy asking his father to officially adopt him has the internet crying happy tears: ''Best gift ever'
Image Source: TikTok/kkwillis21

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 29, 2022. It has since been updated.

Being a step-parent can be an extremely challenging task as you learn a lot about the children of your spouse. Moreover, it takes a lot for any child to welcome a step-parent in their life, however, with love and affection everything seems possible. A Tiktok user and mom, kkwillis21, shared a video of her son and her husband. In this video, Kowyn, her disabled son can be seen giving his stepfather a Christmas present that contains a letter.

The mother revealed in the text inlay, "This was Kwoyn's idea, he just asked me to write it!" The man reads the letter out loud, "Thank you for being here for me. Thank you for being a man like that. Thank you for always treating me like your son. You have always been a dad to me. I love you." He is overcome with emotion as he reads the next few words, "My big question is, will you adopt me?" The little boy starts crying as he comes in to hug his father, who obviously agreed to adopt him. He plants a kiss on Kowyn's forehead, overcomes with emotions and calms him down. He says, "This is the best gift ever."


This beautiful video has earned over 7.7 million views and 890k likes from people moved by the post. One TikTok user commented, "Having just done this with my oldest, you sir are right, the best gift ever. we have kids and that is great, but to be chosen by a child is different." Another added, "Loved how Kowyn got emotional when his dad read the adoption part. True father/son bond." A third said, "This makes me so freaking happy for you and your family! I am so proud of you!!" 

"Wow! Thanks, I needed that. It's one thing to have a son. But it's so much more when a child wants you as a Dad! Love it!" yet another TikTok user commented. Another user added, "OMG this was so beautiful. When the boy started to cry I lost it. Bless your heart sweetie he loves you as much as you love him."

The video was also posted on Twitter by GoodNewsCorrespondent and got over 404k views and thousands of comments. A Twitter user added, "What a breathtaking video. Love to both of them. That mom is a lucky lady." Another commented, "Tribute to all the great dads everywhere biological or chosen. They are so important." A third user said, "Love is so beautiful. Only thing I know that can be divided infinitely and not lose its magnitude." 



Adoption is indeed a fruitful and beautiful experience for all parties involved. In a similar story, salesman Davon Woods recorded a message asking the Wilkinsons family to be his "forever family" and whether he may adopt their last name. The video shows the family's emotional response to this beautiful question. In April 2021, the Wilkinsons family drove off a lot with a vehicle and a new acquaintance. The 27-year-old Woods said that while growing up in the foster care system, he never had a relationship with either of his parents. Sarah Wilkinson and her parents made an attempt to contact Woods whenever they could after learning of this. They developed a beautiful relationship with Woods and now will be officially adopting him.

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