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Librarian's observations about people visiting the library are witty and on point

These observations will make you laugh, think and even learn a thing or two about using a library well.

Librarian's observations about people visiting the library are witty and on point
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko; (R) Twitter | @grumpywitch

Librarians have fascinating jobs involving many responsibilities that go far beyond simply organizing books. They play a vital role in connecting people with information and knowledge, fostering a love for reading and learning, and supporting research and intellectual exploration. They curate collections of diverse and engaging books, create reading programs and events, and provide recommendations and guidance to readers of all ages. Librarians are passionate about fostering a reading culture and helping individuals discover new worlds through literature. They also notice how people make use of a library. Recently, a librarian Allie Morgan (@grumpywitch), discussed on Twitter what she has observed while working in a public library and it is witty, funny, and quite moving. For this reason, the tweet has 70.6 K likes.



She wrote, "Things I have learned about the general public, whilst working at the library: 1. A huge number of people under 20 can't read face clocks, having grown up with only digital ones. 2. Many people don't know how to spell "library." It's in our email address. This causes problems." These are interesting observations about people using technology for a long time. She added, "3. A disturbing number of young people don't actually know how book lending at the library works. They assume it costs money! Teach your children about libraries! 4. Crime and thriller are basically the same things in many cases. In fact, we have doubles of books because of that."


Indeed, people don't read as much these days and they do not know how to make the best use of a library. As for genres are concerned, crime and thrillers indeed share similarities both focus on suspense, engaging plot twists, crime, exploration of psychological aspects, high stakes and dangers, and ultimately, investigation and pursuit.



Her observations did not stop here, she further added, "5. People use hidden codes like asterisks to mark which books they've read. Please don't do that! The system will let you know if you've already borrowed something! Just ask. 6. If an automatic door breaks, people will walk into it instead of reading the sign at face height. 7. Libraries are a godsend for blind and deaf people and not just for audiobooks. They can come for help with filling out forms and getting directions. 8. Some elderly people go through books at a TERRIFYING rate. They are to be feared and respected."

Moreover, it is true that libraries are often equipped with accessibility features and resources that cater to the needs of blind and visually impaired individuals. This information must be spread as widely as possible. And as far as old people and their amazing reading speeds are concerned, it can be credited to years of consistent reading.



She also discussed how older people are different. "9. Some people are so afraid of computers that they will come to you with a query and then become upset if you offer to look it up on the computer instead of in a book. 10. Some people have never, ever used a telephone. Especially older women. Their husband did it for them." She also discussed how libraries are community centers now with reading groups for all ages. To add to it, libraries are the only place where people can spend hours without spending any money. As for the library staff, she said they do this job out of sheer love of libraries.



Whether anyone believes it or not, libraries are a blessing in disguise and we are grateful for them!

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