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Librarian shares how he reignited a little boy's love for books and libraries with kindness

Librarian shares how he helped a kid who walked through the doors for a fine but returned with a love for books.

Librarian shares how he reignited a little boy's love for books and libraries with kindness
Cover Image Source: X | @mychal3ts

Libraries are places where people can enter into different worlds. Unfortunately, though with modern innovation they are slowly and steadily being pushed into obscurity. According to BBC's compiled data, almost 8,000 library jobs were phased out by 2016 as almost 343 closed. This number has only increased with no end in sight for this predicament as digital alternatives continue to dominate. Mychal—who goes by @mychal3ts on X (previously Twitter)—through his social media is spearheading a movement to get people back to the library. The movement is not only for the sake of the libraries but in his opinion it also benefits the readers. In this video, Mychal explains how he made a distressed boy smile by making him discover his love for libraries.

Image Source: X/@mychal3ts
Image Source: X | @mychal3ts

He begins the video by sharing how the boy came into the library to pay a fine. He said, "Library kid approaches me sets down a book in front of me at the library desk, and holds out two $20 bills." This took Mychal aback and he asked, "What's going on?" Thereafter the boy tells him that he is here for his grandma who borrowed this book from the library and due to some circumstances was unable to return it. They had received notification from the library that they owed some money to them and therefore came there to give the fine.

Image Source: X/@mychal3ts
Image Source: X | @mychal3ts

Mychal then elatedly informs him, "Hey!! We're fine free." He was happy that the boy would not be going out of the library with a bad experience under his belt, which could inspire him to come back again. He promised to help them and assured them that the book might not even be in the library system anymore. After helping him out with the problem, he encouraged the boy to check out more books. The boy was so happy that "he had a gigantic grin on his face" and told Mychal, "I'll be right back." The boy dashes out of the library and comes back with his grandmother who was waiting outside in the parking lot.

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They gave their library card to Mychal who took it to check it out. It was expired but in 5 minutes he was able to provide them with a new one. Both of them then headed out into their library adventure. Mychal showed "the library kid where the manga section is" because that is the new "it thing." The kid's grandma explored cookbooks and biographies. The pair had a great time being "back at the library." Their experience was so great that they went out thanking Mychal for making their experience so smooth. For Mychal, the pleasure was all his as he puts it, "It's my job to bring people back into the library, you made it easy by walking through those doors."



The comment section loved this wholesome story. @charlbeard12 is a huge fan of the librarian's content and wrote, "I smile when I see you posting something. I'm making time this long weekend to read. I've got my candle, my tea, and my fuzzy socks!" @gianmaster191 totally understood the child's fear and commented, "As a kid, my only worry was having overdue books to the library because I didn't have the money to pay the fines. Thank you for bringing many smiles to my face."


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