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Lewis Capaldi surprises passengers with his impromptu performance on flight

Lewis Capaldi surprised passengers on a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles with an impromptu performance of his new track 'Wish You The Best.'

Lewis Capaldi surprises passengers with his impromptu performance on flight
Cover Image Source: Instagram/Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi, a Scottish pop star, surprised passengers flying from London to Los Angeles when he gave an impromptu performance on their British Airways flight. Capaldi emerged from the blue curtains in the economy, pushing a trolley and handing out refreshments to the stunned passengers. He then proceeded to sing a few lines from his new track “Wish You The Best”. The surprise appearance was captured on video and shared on Capaldi's Instagram page, where it was received positively by his fans.

According to, Capaldi is currently in the US for his biggest-ever sold-out headline tour of North America, with the tour kicking off in Nashville. He is set to headline the Reading and Leeds Festival in August and perform at Glastonbury Festival before heading to Manchester, Edinburgh, and Belfast. However, Capaldi recently had to cancel the rest of his Europe tour due to bronchitis. In an emotional video he posted on social media, he apologized to his fans and explained that he was advised to take a week to let his voice heal properly to prevent further damage.



Capaldi's surprise performance on the flight was a creative marketing ploy that gained the attention of his fans. According to a video shared on Capaldi's Instagram page, he apologized to the passengers before serenading them. "Sorry for disturbing your flight, if you don’t know my name is Ed Sheeran," Capaldi joked after his performance. 

Capaldi's appearance on the flight surprised the passengers, and they were amazed by the experience. One of the startled teenagers on the flight said, "I have never seen him that close, I am like wow." Another passenger said, "It just doesn’t seem real." Capaldi's surprise appearance was well received by his fans, who left comments on his Instagram page expressing their admiration and appreciation for his down-to-earth nature.



Capaldi's popularity has grown steadily since the release of his debut single, "Bruises" in 2017, which went viral on social media. His debut album "Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent" was released in 2019 and received critical acclaim. Having been nominated for a Grammy Award, Capaldi has achieved multiple accolades, two of which are the BRIT Awards. Capaldi's decision to perform on the flight was a unique and creative marketing strategy that engaged his fans and increased his popularity. His popularity has continued to grow, and he is now one of the most popular pop stars in the UK and beyond.


As we reported, Lewis Capaldi recently received an incredible show of support from his fans while performing in Frankfurt, Germany. While singing his hit single "Someone You Loved," Capaldi was overcome with tics due to his Tourette Syndrome. However, the audience was quick to pick up the slack and sang the final chorus in his place. The moment was captured on video and shared on TikTok, and it received an outpouring of admiration from users who commended the singer, calling the fans love for Capaldi "so beautiful" and "heartwarming." Capaldi himself revealed on Instagram Live in September that he has been living with Tourette's for years, but has only recently been diagnosed. He explained that it manifests itself as a shoulder twitch and can be triggered by a number of emotions, including excitement, stress and happiness.


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