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Lawyer shares practical tips that might help people and protect them in everyday life

She's careful to emphasize that her content is not legal advice, but rather general guidance based on her experience as an attorney.

Lawyer shares practical tips that might help people and protect them in everyday life
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @rebmasel

Most experts charge a hefty amount to help people in their fields of expertise. Today, in our world, many are also helping us by giving free advice on their social media handles. Reb Masel—who goes by @rebmasel on TikTok—has done something similar. Masel, an attorney, shared non-legal advice that might help people on the platform. Masel looked directly into the camera and her background was a bulleted list. "This is 'Things You Should Know' based on what I have gathered as an attorney," she said. "No, I will not elaborate, meaning, I don't care what you do with this, but it's not legal advice."

Image Source: TikTok | @rebmasel
Image Source: TikTok | @rebmasel

Her first advice to her viewers was rather harsh but honest, which was "shut up." Her second advice was, "Cops are legally allowed to lie to you. On purpose. Yes, all of you. And they do All the time. About anything." Then, in her next point, she elaborated on her first point that contrary to popular belief, speaking up was not the best option always. She discussed how we can preserve ourselves by being quiet and where the power dynamic is imbalanced, silence can help us.

Image Source: TikTok | @rebmasel
Image Source: TikTok | @rebmasel

In her fourth point, she said, "Some people suck." "They're gonna be your friends, they're gonna be your partners, they're gonna be your homies. 'But they would never…' Yes. They would. They would and they will." Her fourth point might look harsh to some people, but she is discussing this to protect people from being taken advantage of and is trying to look out for her viewers. Her next point was even more brilliant. Money and intelligence are not always connected. She said, "Money does not mean smart or savvy or clever. Trust me on that one." She said millionaires are not always a result of intelligence but of their gated communities. She also added that "luck [and] skin color" make the richest 1% in America.

Image Source: TikTok | @Rayna
Image Source: TikTok | @Rayna

"Stop taking advice from them or trusting them, but mostly taking advice from them," she added. "Anyone can file a lawsuit. Your texts will be read in court. Every emoji, Every word. It doesn't matter if it's slang. They'll ask you to explain it. Doesn't matter if it's an acronym. They'll ask you to tell them what it's abbreviated for."

She also suggested how people should call each other for activities that might be less than legal and text each other for essential things. She discussed the importance of documenting things, "When it's important, like, talking about a contract, talking about events that you're gonna want to prove up later, maybe text it. Maybe email."

"Next is, bring a friend," she noted the importance of having witnesses. Her last advice was, "The singular second moment you step a single toe outside of your front door, you have an audience. You are in public, on the stage. You are putting on a show. You have an audience, even if you don't think so trust me, you do." People in the comment section appreciated her efforts to educate her followers. @direwolfstraits shared their advice, "Always a paper trail. My dad was military and my mom is a nurse. It was beat into my head to always have a paper trail!" @courthousecouture said, "Been a lawyer for over 10 years. This is the best legal advice I've ever seen. I repeat your texts will be read and people laugh it's true!" 


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