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Landlord's hilarious text exchange with tenants about getting rid of mice has people in stitches

The tenants complained about mice in the apartments and the landlord had nothing less than a top-tier solution and conversation to offer.

Landlord's hilarious text exchange with tenants about getting rid of mice has people in stitches
Cover Image Source: Twitter|@yatinbrooklyn

Dealing with bugs, rodents, and other unwelcome guests is always a headache. Everyone's on the hunt for a permanent fix that doesn't leave your place smelling like a chemical lab. While people set traps to get rid of the little pestering creatures, cat owners have the upper hand with their furry friends doubling as rodent catchers. Or at least that is what Kate Mooney's landlord believed. She shared a post on Twitter explaining that she had a rodent situation in her apartment. However, when the woman shared the problem with her landlord, the most hysterically top-notch solution emerged.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Chevon Rossouw
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Chevon Rossouw

Kate captioned her post, “My neighbor and I both had mouse sightings this week. Here’s how our landlord responded,” along with several screenshots of her text exchange with the landlord. The landlord first enquired whether the woman and her neighbor had a cat, “Do either of you have access to a cat?” Kate responded negatively but mentioned that she had a dog. “Are you against a cat coming in for a few weeks?” the landlord asked. Kate was confused about the question, upon which the landlord let her know, “Cats catch mice and the smell of a cat deters the mice from ever coming back.” 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Katherine Mihailnova
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Katherine Mihailova

Kate let her landlord know that she’d be open to the idea but would require more details and clarification. “We could get a cat and maybe someone else to feed and the cat can get to work,” the landlord explained. Being frank yet amusing, the landlord insisted that the cat would be a “mouser” and that they were just trying to help by offering solutions. “Let the pest guy do his thing, roll up his sleeves and throw the mice caught in traps. I’ll research a cat,” the landlord added. To add to the chucklesome conversation, the landlord followed up with a picture of a black furry feline, saying, “I found a cat. His name is ‘Fat Ba****d.’” 

The landlord then suggested that the cat could live with each of the tenants for a week to hunt the mice and get rid of them. The landlord also mentioned that the cat would come in with a litter box and a guy to feed him. It was a hassle-free masterpiece of a solution that cracked the tenants up. “He’s gonna eat mice!” the landlord exclaimed, feeling creative and insightfully witty for having come up with the solution. “Sorry, ‘she,’ Fat Ba***d is a female cat,” the landlord clarified. The next few changes confirmed the hilarious plan and the tenants were all ready to have their feline exterminator.


It was a laugh riot for other users on the platform but they sure agreed with the productivity and guaranteed results cats deliver. @empops shared about her cat and said, “This guy once woke us up in the middle of the night by bringing a live mouse into our bed and playing with it. We managed to catch it and set it free in the garden and to be fair we haven't had any mice in the house since.” @KrendaEBarnett said, “This is some top-tier New York shit.” @portabletaz said, “‘I'll research a cat’ is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.”




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