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Landlord wins praise for heartwarming decades-long mission to keep housing affordable for tenant

For over two decades, a compassionate landlord has kept rent under $200 weekly, driven by a selfless mission to make housing affordable.

Landlord wins praise for heartwarming decades-long mission to keep housing affordable for tenant
Cover Image Source: YouTube | ABC News (Australia)

Housing prices are increasing at an alarming rate. People who are looking to rent are also bombarded with obscenely high prices, showcasing a grim reality. But in between the gloomy truth, some people make a difference. John Webb, a landlord who owns property in West Albany, Australia, has been leasing his house for less than $200 a week. Such a price is basically unheard of in today's real estate market. Webb is a retired farmer and currently rents his property for $180, having only increased it once over a long span of 20 years.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Scott Webb
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Scott Webb

According to ABC News Australia, he has also formed a close bond with his tenant, Carl Tilney, who has lived in his two-bedroom home since 2000. The duo truly stands out by looking after each other and the property. Webb shared that his commitment to wanting to help others came from being a farmer for most of his life. He said, "In country communities, you look after each other... it's a part of me." The man noted how people did not deserve to live in their cars or out on the streets.

His tenant, Tilney, really appreciates his landlord's unique and sensitive perspective because he knows how harsh the housing market has become. He is 60 years old and manages to survive with the help of a disability support pension. The man has to take quite a few trips to the hospital to get treatment for many medical conditions that act to weaken his bones. Tilney expressed that he is deeply grateful to Webb as he could not afford any other housing option.


The suburb's usual rates stand at about $350 a week. Both men decided they did not want to deal with a real estate agent when they first met. That meeting was pretty good and Tilney shared how he suffered from a back injury from his work. The farmer respected the hard-working man and felt he should keep the rent as low as he could. This meeting served as a strong foundation for one of the most wholesome landlord-tenant relationships to be witnessed. Even today, both men work together to keep the property in tip-top shape.

Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie
Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie

When talking about landlords, every one among them is not bad. Real estate investor, founder and CEO of Cota Skin, Britni M. Ricard (@1beemarie), took it up on herself to be generous to her tenants this festive season. She posted a video where she is seen telling her tenants that she would be giving them the best gift ever which was a rent-free stay during the holidays. But this was no simple announcement. The woman put together decorations, food and drinks to provide an altogether wholesome experience for her tenants as she broke the news.

Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie
Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie

In the video, she says, "This Christmas, for the month of December, you do not have to pay rent." Her tenants were utterly shocked to hear this news. She continued, "I will be gifting y'all a free month's rent." The video is heartwarming as she truly embodies the holiday spirit, hugging her tenants and spreading joy. Ricard also shared that she would hold a seminar to educate them about home ownership. She pointed out how rent payments could also be mortgage payments that will help them secure their future.

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