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Landlord has a completely unorthodox solution to mice infestation and it has the internet hooked

In addition to the pest control, he advised the tenants to 'hire' a cat to stop the mice from ever coming back.

Landlord has a completely unorthodox solution to mice infestation and it has the internet hooked
Image Source: Twitter/Kate Mooney

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 15, 2023. It has since been updated.

Mice are a huge problem to deal with in any household. We all have our own ways to deal with any mice infestation, but the method adopted by this landlord has the internet in splits. Writer Kate Mooney revealed that she and her neighbor both saw mice in their Brooklyn apartment complex during the same week, so they took the issue to their landlord, reported DailyDot


Although the landlord suggested hiring pest control to solve the matter, he clearly wanted to ensure that it was handled completely. He came back with a completely unorthodox solution. Mooney shared screenshots of her conversation on Twitter with the landlord in which he says, "Do either of you have access to a cat?" He stated that he felt it could be a good idea to get a cat and put it to work after both renters verified they did not. He even went ahead and asked, "Are you against a cat coming in for a few weeks?" 

The landlord has a viable reason and said, "Cats catch mice and the smell of a cat deters mice from ever come back." He added, "Let pest guy do his thing roll up sleeves and throw away any mice caught in traps. And I’ll research a cat." The landlord later returned with images of a cat named "Fat Bastard," who he claimed is "for hire" and could alternate between the flats for a week "until he hunts and leaves his scent," which the landlord hopes would repel mice in the future.



After going through some of the details, the group had the beginnings of a strategy. Although cats have a reputation for killing mice, employing one to clear out a New York City apartment isn't exactly a normal landlord technique, but folks on Twitter completely went for it. Twitter user @HelmMatthews said, "Oof, landlords are required to rid your place of rodents using professionals. Accept nothing less."

Another person, @_beefbaby_ said, "I tried this method in college and I ended up with this lil princess living rent-free for the past 6 years she has not caught a single mouse and in fact sat and watched one run right in front of her (but she was 50% off at the shelter so who can argue with a deal like that.)" @_97flowerchild_ commented, "This such a lovely change to the usual 'guess what my landlord did' stories! But now all I can think about is the wording “to hire a cat. All I can imagine is, like, a bureau providing cats for mouse-catching which is the perfect premise for a cartoon or animation." 


Twitter user @IreneElisabeths said, "I can confirm this works though! Our landlord gave us Vladimir (also a girl) and we were mice-free immediately! ... but I also fell in love with her and now she’s mine forever." "Number 10 in Downing Street took this approach and @Number10cat wasn't overly consistent in their mission. However, there are frequent requests that they run the country instead of whichever incumbent of No. 10 is screwing up at the time. They have a little podium too," shared another user @ByrneLuc

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