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Landlord goes out of her way to give tenants a generous gift in the spirit of Christmas

She ditched the regular voucher and Christmas gifts and took the holiday up a notch by giving her tenants a priceless gift leaving them blown away.

Landlord goes out of her way to give tenants a generous gift in the spirit of Christmas
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @1beemarie

Christmas is the time of giving. Many people are spreading kindness in their creative ways to ring in the festive mood. With selflessness and generosity, many are coming forward to help those in need and share a smile and gesture that will be remembered for a lifetime. A real estate investor, founder and CEO of Cota Skin, Britni M. Ricard—who goes by @1beemarie on TikTok–decided to be generous while exercising gratitude this festive season by doing something for her tenants. In her video, she mentioned that she would be giving a rent-free stay to her tenants for the holidays.

Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie
Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie

Ricard called a meeting for the renters to surprise them with the good news. With decorations, food, drinks and more ready for the tenants, she gave them quite an exquisite experience. She began by thanking them for their cooperation and for being tenants of value. She then said, “I do give back a lot, but I wanted to give back to people who give to me.” She clarified that they would not be receiving vouchers or gifts as they may have been thinking and then broke the news to them. “This Christmas, for the month of December, you do not have to pay rent.” The tenants were in awe yet in disbelief on hearing the news. “I will be gifting ya’ll a free month’s rent.” 

Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie
Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie

The grateful yet astonishing expressions of the tenants made it evident that this gesture might have been just what they needed for the holidays. The video also captured glimpses of the landlord interacting with her tenants, hugging them to fill the atmosphere with nothing but smiles and gratitude. Ricard further mentioned that there was another reason why she wished to announce the good news in person. “I would like to hold a seminar for you guys to teach you about home ownership,” Ricard added. She revealed that she wished to share her knowledge with her tenants and also wanted them to be educated about home ownership.

Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie
Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie

“If I’m being realistic and this is just me being 100% transparent, what you all are paying rent, you all can be paid in the mortgage,” Ricard explained. She thanked her tenants, who were eager to get into the holiday spirit after the wonderful announcements. In her caption, she wrote, “I’m so grateful to God for putting me in the position to be able to give back. Gifting my tenants with free rent is something I’ve always wanted to do.” Commenters were impressed with her selflessness and generosity. With over 11k comments, several people applauded Marie for her wholesome gesture. @nicolerye00 said, “This woman is focused on community building. This is priceless.”

Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie
Image Source: TikTok| @1beemarie

@andreanicole369 said, “She is amazing. The fact that she’s not gatekeeping her tenants and wants them to be homeowners is top-tier.” Others shared blessings and best wishes for the woman and thanked her for being an encouragement, especially during the holidays. @jammmoneymoving said, “That’s the real Santa.” @vineandrancheshaircare remarked, “As a new business, this is the goal. Thank you for letting your light so shine before mankind.”

Image Source: TikTok| @martymaar
Image Source: TikTok | @martymaar
Image Source: TikTok| @candisshanellegracias
Image Source: TikTok | @candisshanellegracias

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