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Laidback llamas dress up in fun costumes to 'spread more happiness, hope and joy'

The llama pack at Prairie Patch Farm has accumulated more than 1.5 million likes and 76,300 followers on TikTok by flaunting fun outfits.

Laidback llamas dress up in fun costumes to 'spread more happiness, hope and joy'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/prairiepatchfarm

The laidback llama pack at Prairie Patch Farm near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is one fashionable bunch. The cool-as-cucumber camelids have accumulated more than 1.5 million likes and 76,300 followers on TikTok by flaunting outfits inspired by Disney princesses, pop icons, holidays and much more. "I love the joy that it brings people," their owner, Kahle Boutte, told PEOPLE. "That's truly why we do it—to bring more happiness and hope and joy. The shock and awe and joy that it brings to people is really what fuels me. What can we come up with next to put some more positivity out there and to make people smile?"


So far, the llamas have entertained their fans by recreating looks from "Labyrinth," "Napoleon Dynamite," the Spice Girls, David Bowie and "Encanto." "People have been dressing llamas for thousands of years," Boutte, 37, added. "The costumes just kind of became a thing. Something really quirky and funny that we get to do with them." Among all the Prairie Patch Farm llama residents, one shaggy-headed fellow named Earl loves it the most. "Earl is just the most easy-going llama, he will let us put anything on him," his owner revealed. "He likes it. He knows when it's dress-up time, and he's like, 'All right, I'm here for it.'"


Boutte and her husband Andy bought the Prairie Patch Farm—a 50-acre nature preserve that has been in Boutte's family since the 1980s—about four and a half years ago when her uncle passed away. Once she owned the farm, Boutte saw the opportunity to make her childhood dream of owning pet llamas come true and adopted two llamas three years ago. "Llamas have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember when I was a kid, and I said, 'If I could ever have llamas one day, I would get them,'" she shared.


Over the years, the herd has grown much bigger and the Prairie Patch Farm is now home to Apple Jack, Willoughby, Sully, Fig, Fable, Poet, Huckleberri, Ollie, Earl and an alpaca called Simon. Soon after adopting her first two llamas, Boutte started making llama-corn (the magical combination of a llama and a unicorn) costumes. Unsurprisingly, the llama-corn costumes turned out to be a huge hit and the widespread interest in animal fashion grew into an annual llama-ween celebration, where Boutte dresses her llama herd in elaborate group costumes. The first year of llama-ween, she dressed them as mummies and pirates, and this past year, the animals all channeled characters from "The Wizard of Oz."

Boutte, who is a former music therapist, revealed that she takes the costumed llamas to nursing homes and schools "to spread more joy and love to our community." "We need it now more than ever," she added. Prairie Patch Farm also offers opportunities to meet the llamas on the property with llama yoga classes and llama hikes on the nature preserve. "It's just been really fun spreading happiness," Boutte shared. "And doing something completely different than what people might see going to a zoo or a farm."

Here are some of our favorite TikTok videos featuring the Prairie Patch Farm llamas:

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