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Labrador has the most adorable reaction to Christmas lights show: 'He is so mesmerized'

'Last year we took him there as a little puppy and he loved it,' the pup's owner said.

Labrador has the most adorable reaction to Christmas lights show: 'He is so mesmerized'
Cover Image Source: Tiktok/kaylaadieppaa

Driving around and seeing all the gorgeous lights in the neighborhoods is one of our favorite aspects of the Christmas season. The amount of time and effort some individuals put into their decorations is incredible. The only thing better than driving around and looking at Christmas lights is doing it with family and friends. Yes, even the furry members of the family. A TikTok user came up with the brilliant idea of taking their Labrador to see the holiday lights. And let's just say that after watching this video, you'll be doing it as well. The dogs' reaction is simply adorable. Milo the dog's reaction to the festive extravaganza at the Jones Beach Light Show on Long Island, New York, according to Newsweek, was captured on video and posted on TikTok by his owners, @kaylaadieppaa. The video, which has received over 3 million views, shows the canine utterly mesmerized by the shimmering lights.

For those who watched the video online, it was a great example of how the holidays are as much about our animal companions as they are about our families. Evidence of our dogs enjoying the holiday season brings solace and delight to many animal lovers. In a study of 2,000 pet owners done by OnePoll on behalf of MetLife Pet Insurance, 81 percent indicated that pet owners were glad to just stay at home with their pets for the holidays as they believe their animal companion makes all holidays better. 


These pet owners were found to spend an average of $50 on a Christmas present for their four-legged pal. While 54 percent of those polled said they planned to give their pets extra goodies during the holidays, 31 percent said they planned to take them out more. Milo's owners have definitely lived up to the public opinion in that regard by taking him on a spin around Long Island to see the Christmas lights. Kayla shared that the trip has become a family tradition. "Last year we took him there as a little puppy and he loved it," she said. "He has always loved car rides. Figured why not do it again this year and his reaction was priceless!"

Milo is just a little over a year old, but he already has a strong respect for Christmas. "He always looks at Christmas lights when we go on walks," Kayla said. "He sometimes thinks the Christmas ornaments are his toys." Kayla described the dog as a "cuddly, friendly and loving" young puppy that likes walks, fetch, and tug of war. She said they posted the footage on social media because it really encapsulates the "spirit of Christmas" for so many families. That feeling was apparently shared by many viewers on TikTok as they flocked to the clip's comments section to express their gratitude.

Image Source: Tiktok/kaylaadieppaa
Image Source: Tiktok/kaylaadieppaa

@Ladyandtheblues said Milo's reaction was "too precious," while @princessmichele30 was inspired to follow suit, writing: "I'm going to do this thank you." Jessica Hickey questioned herself, "Why am I crying?"

@Princesskmmo was also left "sobbing" in reaction to the Labrador's delighted response. Elsewhere, @moocantsleep shared that the video brought back many good memories: "My dog loves Christmas lights!! We used to drive her around at night in different neighborhoods to look at Christmas decorations and lights."

Kayla isn't surprised by the reaction to the video, considering how wholesome it is. "He looks so adorable and is so mesmerized," she said. "He really loved every second of it and it shows."


While dogs like additional treats, keep in mind that many of our holiday foods are toxic to dogs, including onions, chocolate, raisins, almonds and Christmas pudding. Keep an eye out for staples or sticky tape in the wrapping paper, and if you have a crowded house, try to keep a quiet space where your dog may take a time out. Merry Christmas pooches!


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