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Kristen Bell stays witty after Jiu-Jitsu session with daughter: 'You should see the other guy'

While explaining the incident in an Instagram post, she wrote: 'Minor jujitsu injury... took some teeth to the nose. Will recover.'

Kristen Bell stays witty after Jiu-Jitsu session with daughter: 'You should see the other guy'
Cover Image Source: Kristen Bell attends the Citizens Of The World Charter Schools Gala at Paramount Studios on May 4, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Elyse Jankowski/Getty Images)

Kristen Bell is demonstrating the strength of her young daughter. The 42- year-old mother of two shared close-up photos and a video of a nose injury she sustained after taking "some teeth to the nose" during a jiu-jitsu session with her eight-year-old daughter, Delta.

In the caption of her Instagram post, which garnered over 168k likes since being posted, the "Frozen" star explained the incident, "Minor jujitsu injury... took some teeth to the nose. Will recover. You should see the other guy!!!! (she is 8, the fruit of my loins, and has big, sharp, buck teeth.)"


Even though the "The Good Place" actress did not disclose the extent of her injury, her Instagram followers shared their own similar experiences with parenthood. "A few months ago, my 8-year-old sat up abruptly to kiss me goodnight in the dark and broke my nose. It still clicks," shared @lizardpix.

Image Source: Kristen Bell attends STX's
Image Source: Kristen Bell attends STX's "Queenpins" photocall at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on August 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

"Yaaaasss, every scar has its story! Our bodies are books. My boy was so proud to unlock the front door of our apartment and when he pulled the key out, his hand went back so hard and hit me in the eye. Black eye," wrote @christygav19. "My eight-month-old leaned in to kiss me but instead head-butted me and gave me two black eyes. He is cute though," commented @kristina.ress. The gift of motherhood clearly keeps giving. 


Bell is also a mother to a 10-year-old named Lincoln, whom she shares with her husband, Dax Shepard. The proud parents and "Hello Bello" co-founders discussed their daughters with PEOPLE in February. "What I like is that every time a new parenting technique comes out that someone believes in, there's a book written about it, [and] it gets publicized. That allows every parent to absorb that technique and decide if it's right for them," shared Bell.

"Because if there's one thing, and there is only one thing that I'm positive about as a parent, it's that each child is different. Our two girls have required completely different styles of parenting, and the minute we clicked into how to handle them, individually things got easier," she added. "So based on all the new parenting styles that come out, I'm able to use what I want and leave what I don't, which only makes my toolbox as a parent bigger."


In an interview with E! News in November 2022, Bell also praised her daughters for keeping her "down to earth" despite living with fame. "I come home, and they will just pull the rug out from under you so quickly," she explained, adding that if there was ever a movie made about her life, she'd name it 'My Kids Keep Me Grounded.' While Bell and husband, Shepard, who have been married since 2013, keep their daughters' identities hidden behind emojis, they aren't afraid to share details about their parenting style. Bell revealed in February that both of her daughters "sleep on the floor of our bedroom." 

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