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Kindergartners enthusiastically cheer for 'fastest kid alive' as he sprints home from bus every day

This story is proof that kids are wonderfully beautiful and that when taught the right things, have the potential to be great human beings.

Kindergartners enthusiastically cheer for 'fastest kid alive' as he sprints home from bus every day
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @chaddesormeaux

Kids are known to be gifts of God, all thanks to their innocent hearts and kind spirit. They are pure by society's standard for human beings and the way they are there for their fellow peers is just beautiful. In a wonderful video posted by Chad Desormeaux—who goes by @chaddesormeaux on TikTok—a whole kindergarten class is seen coming together to make a young boy named Xavier's dream come true in the sweetest way possible. Desormeaux is the bus driver of a kindergarten school.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Ohionina
Image Source: TikTok | @chaddesormeaux

The video begins with Xavier getting on the bus. The next scene shows that he's about to get off the bus and Desormeaux asks him if he's ready and shows a thumbs up in the camera. Xavier then sprints out of the bus and is seen running down the street, which is a pretty normal thing for a kid to do. However, he is running as fast as he can because he wishes to be the fastest kid ever and guess who's supporting this dream of his? Well, his whole kindergarten class! 

As people see Xavier running down the street to his house in the video, the next frame showcases all the kids in the bus having moved to one side of the bus near the windows, incessantly cheering him on. The caption on the video posted by the bus driver says, "Xavier is a Kindergarten student who wants to be the fastest kid alive! Every day on our bus, when I get to his stop, all the kids run to one side of the bus to cheer him on!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/Ohionina
Image Source: TikTok | @chaddesormeaux

Desormeaux spoke to Good Morning America to share some more details about this story. He told the outlet that Xavier is a 5-year-old kid who studied at Carencro Bob Lilly Elementary in Louisiana. He saw the kids' behavior one day when he was accompanying another driver. He immediately knew that "he had to capture it on camera" before he shared it on the platform. The video now has over 5 million views. Talking about this adorable thing the students do, he said, "As soon as we got to Xavier's stop, all the kids went from one side of the bus to the other side of the bus and all you can hear was windows going down on the bus. And he just takes off running and they're just hooting and hollering and screaming and cheering for him..." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/Ohionina
Image Source: TikTok | @chaddesormeaux

Since Xavier is still only 5, Desormeaux says it is crucial to stay until he sees the little boy get home, especially when Xavier's mother, Tiffany, tends to work late on some days. He added, "We just wait for him to get to the driveway... the kids made it a game where let's see how fast he can run to get there. And the kids made it a game to cheer him on to make him go faster."

According to Desormeaux, Xavier is a great kid who's always smiling. Meanwhile, Tiffany shared that she believes her son being so loved by his classmates is a blessing. She added, "He's very outgoing. He's only five. But sometimes, he acts like an old man. He is a sweetheart."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Ohionina
Image Source: TikTok | @onetgabrielle

People had a lot to say after watching the adorable video. @anssss.82 said, "Kids can be mean and them cheering him on and not making fun of him is what does it for me!! Go, Xavier!!" @wafflover said, "This is gonna make such beautiful core memories for him." @la.thatprettymf._ said, "I love that you wait for them to get in the house before you pull off."


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