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Tiny hero: Kindergartner's adorably hilarious tactic cures teacher's hiccups

The teacher who first thought that the little girl was being too mischievous, later realized she was just being smart.

Tiny hero: Kindergartner's adorably hilarious tactic cures teacher's hiccups
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Naomi Shi, Facebook | The Kindness Pandemic

Often, even the smallest minds can spark the greatest ideas. Children routinley amaze their parents, teachers and other adults by finding the simplest solution to any issue. One such instance was shared by a kindergarten teacher in the Facebook group called The Kindness Pandemic. One fine day, as she was teaching her class of 4 and 5-year-olds, the teacher had a sudden spell of hiccups. A student heroically stepped in, leaving her teacher amazed at the little one's presence of mind.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau

Sharing this funny school story on the social media platform, the teacher mentioned that she was sitting in front of the class while the kindergartners were all seated on a rug in front of her. Just when the teacher and students were comparing patterns as part of their lessons, the teacher's bout of hiccups began. Though she didn't let it bother her class, one "rather loud and joyful" 5-year-old girl noticed this and came up with a solution. "I glance to my left and she's sitting on her knees bent over with her forehead touching the floor," the teacher wrote and added, "Before I have the time to think twice about it, she pops up and roars loudly at me."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Stephen Andrews
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Stephen Andrews

Taken aback by the little girl's sudden screaming, the teacher was puzzled for a moment. She then considered the possibility that this was "something that she might do." However, the teacher was ready to respond to the 5-year-old's "peculiar and loud interruption," to probably teach her that it wasn't a nice thing to do in a classroom. But to the teacher's surprise, the girl had other reasons for roaring that way. "She looks at me with her blond hair, big blue eyes, rosy cheeks and ginormous smile and asked joyfully, 'Do you still have the hiccups, Ms. Reece?'" The little one had apparently tried to stop her teacher's hiccups by using the age-old method of scaring the person.

As per Cleveland Clinic, hiccups are nothing but harmless repeated spasms of a person's diaphragm and the 'hic' sound arises from the closing up of vocal cords during the spasm. Hiccups generally tend to go away within a few minutes to a couple of hours and can occur in people of any age, from babies to adults. Some easy ways to stop the bouts of hiccups include drinking water quickly, gargling water, swallowing granulated sugar, pieces of bread or crushed ice, slightly pulling on your tongue, holding your breath or breathing into a paper bag. But the little girl resorted to a much more hilarious method of chasing the hiccup off. 

The 5-year-old's thoughtful solution impressed the teacher. "What a precious child and precious moment in this teacher's life," the teacher wrote and added, "She had taken all that knowledge she'd gathered in the 5 years of her life and regardless of the circumstances, she was going to do a good deed and scare those hiccups right out of me." The teacher finally confirmed that the kindergartner was indeed successful in stopping the hiccup with her "pure preciousness." 

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