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Kindergarten girl's impeccable poise and confidence in graduation photo leaves people in awe

The picture was shared online by her mom with the caption: 'My baby on her way to 1st grade. She so sassy, lord! 'Cause why your legs crossed.'

Kindergarten girl's impeccable poise and confidence in graduation photo leaves people in awe
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Lexii Sims

Graduation days are special for kids. It's the day when they are celebrated for their achievements for the whole year. Some kids are happy, some are shy and some just stand out among others - and that’s what best describes this 6-year-old Louisiana girl whose picture is going viral on social media. In the picture, young Taylor is dressed in a royal blue cap and gown and brown slightly heeled sandals. She sits with her legs crossed and in a perfect posture. Her confident face definitely goes well with her body language. She sure looks like somebody who is all set to pass out from school and ready to take on the world.


Two other pictures uploaded on Facebook by Taylor’s mom, Lexii Sims, on May 24, 2023, show the youngster being awarded on stage and a picture with her teacher. She is seen smiling in both of them. The post was captioned: “My baby on her way to 1st grade. She so sassy lord cause why your legs crossed.”

The picture has gained about 9.8k likes and 5.5k shares. People loved the little girl’s confidence. IH Soliz commented, “She looks like she’s got her future planned out!! She’s going to accomplish much. #futureleader.” Deborah Merideth wrote, “Straight to college. Mom, you're doing an amazing job! She's already got the confidence she'll need on her journey." Grace Palermo expressed, “So impressive! She is so focused and poised, like a little adult. This little lady is definitely going places." Lilia Tanakeyowma shared, “Adorable!!! A confident scholar in the making!!" Alicia Byrd said, “Come through niece!!! Take the world by STORM!!!”


Talking to TODAY, Sims described her child as being “outspoken” and a “tough cookie.” “She’s got sass to her—and she always has," said the mom. “She lives in her truth.” Sims admitted that she did not expect the picture to go viral. "Multiple people had shared it and I was like, 'Wow.' And then days go by, it's still getting shared," she told Good Morning America.

"Then I started getting inbox [messages] out of the blue, like, 'Your daughter has made it to Twitter.' 'Your daughter, somebody made a TikTok of her.' This person shared her, that person shared her. I was like, I just didn't even know what to say. I really was just 'wow' at the time," Sims added.


The mom also clarified that the picture was not staged as said by some social media users. "Taylor wasn't even paying me any attention. Taylor was literally, every time a friend's name got called, she was rooting for her friend. She was not paying me any attention at all. So, it wasn't staged," she said, adding that she thought the picture was just amazing and loved her girl’s elegance. "Most adults don't even have that, and to see a 6-year-old sitting there, like just so focused is mind-blowing," Sims stated.

The mother revealed that her daughter has always been a “natural fighter.” She was born six weeks premature and the hospital staff told her she would have to be in the neonatal intensive care unit. “Literally, the next morning I got a knock on the door, they’re like, ‘Taylor can go home with you,’” Sims shared. As of now, Taylor wants to be a princess who owns her own hair salon. She has also expressed interest in becoming a police officer or paramedic. However, the mom sees her as a model on a runway one day.


Taylor’s kindergarten teacher, Brittany Higginbotham, is excited about what the future holds for the child. “Taylor is a child who is confident, strong-willed, and resilient,” Higginbotham said. “Taylor has never been afraid to have fun, show her personality, or stand up for what she believes in.”

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