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Teenager raises funds to buy a wheelchair lift for her friend: 'Truly the light of my life'

'I'm hoping to raise this money so Chad can be as happy and successful as possible in his new chair,' wrote the friend.

Teenager raises funds to buy a wheelchair lift for her friend: 'Truly the light of my life'
Cover Image Source: GoFundMe

Some friends know you so well that they understand what you need and how much it matters to you. Lily Gardiner is that kind of friend. She is raising money to buy her best friend a new wheelchair lift and a car because she wants him to be "as happy and successful as possible." Gardiner, a 15-year-old from Connecticut, started a GoFundMe campaign to help her friend Chad Chlebowski.  

GoFund Me


Gardiner shared about her time in school. While present in the school, she had a difficult time and eventually found it hard to stay happy. It was the efforts of Chad who made a difference in her life. As per the words of Gardiner, "As soon as I met Chad, his presence and his familiar face made it feel easier to go to school." As reported by PEOPLE, "Knowing I had someone to look forward to seeing was something that helped me so much."

Chlebowski recently got a new motorized wheelchair and replaced the one he had earlier. However, as they say, with new things in life new challenges will come along. Similarly, after using his new wheelchair, he started to experience some issues. Gardiner said that due to the heavy weight and size of the new chair, Chad was unable to use it in his home lift or in his car.

Talking about him on the platform, she said, "Chad is truly the light of my life and to know him is to love him. I don’t know what I would do without him and he deserves the absolute world!! Chad can make you laugh as no one else can, he lights up every room he enters and he can make you happy even on your worst day."



Also, she added, "It would mean so much to me if you could join me in raising money for him, in an attempt to give back half of the joy he gives to all of us! I'm hoping to raise this money so Chad can be as happy and successful as possible in his new chair." As of now, the fundraiser has raised about $16,215 out of the target of $20,000.

Also, in another story about friendships and family, when a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer, her entire family and her friends shave their heads in solidarity. In a video posted by @shee_browsandlashes on TikTok, everyone is smiling as they sit in the chair to get their heads shaved off. In the end, each one of them goes and hugs the woman for whom they were doing it. The video has about 3.9 million views. The background music in the video is Rise Up by Andra Day, which seems perfect for the situation. 

Many people appreciated their family and friends for doing this. A TikTok user, Terri Katharyn, commented, "I always told my mama that I would do this with her and she wouldn’t let me. Now it’s been almost 4 months without her and I miss her every day." Another user, Avaguciardo, added, "This is so genuine and you can tell how much they care for each other love to see it." User @ooohwelpitbelikethat, said, "I cried right away! Prayers to you and your family. This is very beautiful stay strong." Hairstylist Tuesdee Lynch, commented, "Hairstylists carry some serious weight. 20 years in the game and my clients' situations will still keep me up at night." 

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