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Kind student acts as human chair to support elderly lady stuck in elevator: 'Chivalry lives'

The 23-year-old was stuck in the elevator along with the elderly woman who couldn't stand for long.

Kind student acts as human chair to support elderly lady stuck in elevator: 'Chivalry lives'
Image source: Facebook/CollegeHunksHaulingJunk

Cesar Larios was performing a move for his moving company when he got stuck inside an elevator in an assisted living facility inside a 10-story building. He had an elderly woman for company. Rita Young, who was 79 at the time, was using support to move and had trouble walking and standing. They made a couple of calls before finding out that the elevator was stuck and would take a while before it was fixed. She was also claustrophobic. The incident happened back in 2014 when Cesar Larios was a student at the Art Institute of Florida. He learned that she couldn't stand for long, so he decided to become a 'human chair' for her. He got down on all fours and provided his back as a platform for the lady to sit. Larios didn't hesitate for a moment to help her. “We were riding with a very nice elderly women,” said Cesar Larios. “As soon as it got stuck the lady said she could not stand for extended periods.”


That's when he stepped up. “I offered to serve as a chair,” the 23-year-old told his boss, reported Good News Network. “She was so thankful.” He had been moving stuff as part of his work with College Hunks Hauling Junk, a moving company when he got stuck in the elevator. He acted as a human chair for a whole half hour just so the lady could be comfortable and not fatigued. After 30 minutes, fireman had arrived to pry open the elevator and rescue them. "I’d also like to thank his mother because she raised a really good boy," said Young, according to KFOR. The picture of the woman sitting on Cesar Larios' back was taken by one of his co-workers.


”I thought this was a great example of old-fashioned service and helping your fellow neighbor,” said Nick Friedman, Co-Founder & President of College HUNKS. “Our company mission is to Move the World both literally and emotionally, and this is an example of our brand coming to life.” HUNKS stands for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Service. They currently have 52 franchise locations and are based in Tampa, Florida. "One of our very own movers becomes a viral sensation with his act of kindness while stuck on an elevator. Chivalry lives!" wrote College Hunks Hauling Junk on Facebook.


The image posted went viral immediately with many praising the young man. "Now, this is a real man. Kind, thoughtful, considerate, and caring for another human. Good on you young man!!!!" wrote one person. "God bless this young gentleman!!! Your parents raised you right!!!" wrote one person. Turns out his Mom was immensely proud of him as well. Olga Lourdes Ruiz Velasco responded to the post, writing, “He is my son, and I am SO PROUD of HIM,” wrote Olga. One person commented, "Thank you for treating our seniors with the respect and care they deserve!" People couldn't help but lavish praise on the young man, and it was certainly deserved. "Humanity is proud of you Cesar it reassures my faith there are still good people in this world well done," added another person. "Chivalry is definitely not dead! That college hunk is my new hero! Bravo!" wrote another person. As more and more women lavished praise on him, Cesar Larios, waded into the comments to break everyone's hearts, writing: "Yes, I'm happily married.  Sorry ladies!!"


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