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Kind man finds an abandoned stuffed toy and decides to hunt for its rightful owner

It proves that there are still people in this world who care about other's possessions and do not take anything for granted.

Kind man finds an abandoned stuffed toy and decides to hunt for its rightful owner
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/YuyaBestBoy

We all come across things lying on roads or railway tracks every now and then, but have you ever thought there might be a story behind it? What if someone has lost it by mistake and looking for it? In a similar stance, a kind stranger found a stuffed toy on a railway track and decided to clean it up. He did not just take the responsibility of cleaning it up but also embarked on a journey to find its rightful owner. The man—who goes by u/YuyaBestboy on Reddit—posted on Reddit a picture of an octopus-stuffed toy lying on a railway track. He captioned the post, "A few days ago, I discovered this poor little guy lying on the train tracks at my local station. I took it upon myself to rescue him, clean him and reunite him with his owner."

Image Source: Reddit | u/YuyaBestBoy
Image Source: Reddit | u/YuyaBestBoy

The following picture shows a close-up photo of the toy and how he picked it up in a plastic bag and later seen wrapped in a towel. After which it can seen in a sink and then hanging from a rack. It looks like he thoroughly cleaned and put the toy for drying. The post also has a screenshot of a message that he received. It reads, "I've passed this on to my sister. It's her son's. I saw him after crying his eyes out for this. She will contact you. Thank you so much. A very good person you are. He responded, "You're kidding! Please get them to contact me ASAP!" Later, the mother also leaves a message for the person. It reads, "Thank you so so much! My son was so upset when we dropped him (you're right, he was under a pram). He is such a loved teddy. He has loved seeing all your pictures showing how well 'Tenny' has been looked after. I will send you my address and pay for postage if that's okay."

Image Source: Reddit | u/YuyaBestBoy
Image Source: Reddit | u/YuyaBestBoy

While sending the toy, he also added a letter for the child from 'Tenny.' He wrote, "I've been on such an adventure! I've made so many new friends, had a really nice bath and learned a lot! I'm so glad to be back with my bestest friends. Of all now, though, I missed you ever so much! Love, from Tenny." The adorable post has garnered more than 21k upvotes on the platform. Many people loved the person's thoughtful gesture.

Image Source: Reddit | u/ YuyaBestBoy
Image Source: Reddit | u/ YuyaBestBoy

u/puzzledbutfine commented, "Well done, you legend. Also, just an FYI, that is actually a very expensive octopus." u/MortarChelle wrote, "I was smiling until I got to the letter. Now I'm sobbing. What a thoughtful, kind person you are. This is the best thing I've seen in a long time. I wish you the best!" u/Wewoweewoo shared, "Goes to show how a small kind gesture could mean the world to someone else. You are going to be part of that family's history OP. A kind tale they retell now and again." u/Beautifulpirate5041 said, "You are soo kind! That kid will remember this forever."

Image Source: Reddit | u/NonsenseText
Image Source: Reddit |u/NonsenseText

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