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Kind bus driver drops off lost student at her home and refuses to take any money from her

Shkula Zadran shared a screenshot of their conversation along with what happened that night on Twitter.

Kind bus driver drops off lost student at her home and refuses to take any money from her
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | VH S (R) Twitter | @ ShkulaZadran

Shkula Zadran, a student at New York University, boarded the wrong bus one night and was feeling stressed out. The Afghani student pursuing her Master’s in Global Affairs had no cash on her and was even more worried when her phone’s battery died. Fortunately, the bus driver was kind enough to help her. He even offered her a ride and drove her back to where she had to go. What's even sweeter is that when she got back home tried to send him money as a token of gratitude and he politely refused.



Shkula shared a screenshot of their conversation on Twitter appreciating the man's gesture of helping her in her hour of need. “It was midnight, my phone was dead. I didn't have any cash or cards on me. I got on the wrong bus which brought me to the opposite side of the city. I was lost and stressed, but the bus driver was kind enough to help me. He offered me a ride and drove me back to my destination. Got his number and zelled him a few bucks to show appreciation, but he refused to take it,” she wrote. She also tagged the Twitter account of NJ Transit, New Jersey’s statewide transit provider, to honor the driver named Noel, who is going to retire soon. "@NJTRANSIT

You got a gentleman named Noel, he is gonna retire soon. Make sure you appreciate his service and grace," she said. In a subsequent tweet, she reminded others to appreciate those working in public services and wrote, "He decided to be kind and help me right after a bunch of passengers cussed him out literally for no reason. The people who work in the public services industry deserve respect and appreciation. We can simply say a 'Thank You' after our ride."



Many others agree and praised the driver for his kindness. One Twitter user said, "He has grown up as a real man and this world needs many like him." Another person wrote, "This is called a perfect example of kindness. Wish him long life." A third added, "Not all heroes wear capes."



There have been quite a few incidents of finding the kindest people on public transport. One such incident involved an NYC woman who was an aspiring actor. She was heartbroken after just quitting a class that had served as her creative outlet. As she cried silently on the subway, she awkwardly made eye contact with a man sitting across her. He appeared to silently acknowledge and empathize with her situation. Later he left her a heartwarming note. "It's hard to remember that everything in life happens for a reason, especially, during the hard times," read the letter. "It took a while to believe it, but things do get better. I'm not sure what you're going through, but I wish you nothing but positive energy and the strength to push through whatever may be troubling you. You're a beautiful soul and offer so much to those around you. During storms, look past the clouds and know the sun will come again," concluded the scribbled note, dropping a number if she ever needed support. There truly is goodness in the world!

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