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Kids write a letter to check up on woman after seeing a 'strange man' enter her house

This little neighborhood patrolling squad writes a thoughtful letter to a woman after spotting a suspicious man enter her home.

Kids write a letter to check up on woman after seeing a 'strange man' enter her house
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | R. Walsh; Reddit | u/olliepots

Neighborhood kids are known for more than just their mischief. They also serve as watchful protectors, ensuring the safety and security of their fellow neighbors. Sometimes, they are watchful protectors as well, who look out for the safety and security of their fellow neighbors. A high school teacher, u/olliepots, recently shared a touching story about how neighborhood kids were looking out for her safety. The header of the post read, "My mom had a lot of kids on her street and they put this note on her door after seeing my dad go into her house. My parents don't live together and my dad does look strange."

Image Source: Reddit | u/olliepots
Image Source: Reddit | u/olliepots

Below the description, there is a torn page of a ruled notebook with a message from the kids jotted down in squiggly handwriting. "Miss. Karen, we saw a strange man walk into your house and we would like to know if you are okay. If you are, then text my mom. Love, The (redacted) gang," the note reads. For privacy, the Reddit user removed the phone number from the note. In the comments, she explained that her dad was visiting her mom that day, but to the kids, he seemed like a ill-intentioned stranger.

The comment section was flooded with users who might have had similar experiences with kids in the neighborhood and people also appreciated how watchful the little ones were. u/quakerapplepineapple wrote, "It’s too cold now, but the neighborhood kids would routinely knock on my door for after-school snacks. One time my husband opened the door and they were absolutely shocked. Miss those little goobers." u/CentrifugalBubblePup noted, "I love everything about this, but the best part is the clear collaborative effort. At least two, maybe three kids, worked together to write this note. Great gang of kiddos!"

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Elisa Giaccaglia
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Elisa Giaccaglia

u/Books_and_Lipstick91 shared, "As an elementary librarian, things like this make me love my job. I have my little gang of assistant librarians. Made them badges and all." u/AverageLukerWoman quipped, "This is amazing! These kids have made me so hopeful for this generation’s capacity for kindness and compassion." u/VeloZach420 joked, "The youth neighborhood watch patrol, making sure that someone who is an inspiration to them is ok. Now that's very gracious of them." u/UniqueFlavors added, "During the summer, I'll have strange kids I have never seen rifling through my pantries for snacks. If I throw something on the grill, I'll have a dozen kids in my yard waiting to eat. I feel like they use me to have their little organized bike gang headquarters."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok-Bridge-1045
Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok-Bridge-1045

Well, these compassionate kids not only look after their neighbors but their family members as well. A while back, a little boy named Bridger, a then-6-year-old became an online sensation after his aunt shared the story of how he saved his little sister from a dog attack by putting himself in the path of danger. The young boy had to get about 90 stitches after he was bitten several times on his face and neck in his attempt to protect his sibling.

Nikki Walker, Bridger's aunt, shared the incredible story of her nephew's heroism on Instagram. "My nephew is a hero who saved his little sister from an attacking dog. He, himself, took on the attack so that the dog wouldn't get his sister," she wrote. Walker revealed that the little boy later opened up to his family about what was going through his head at the terrifying moment of the attack. "If someone was going to die, I thought it should be me," Bridger told his family, according to Walker.

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