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Kids who lost childhood pet have priceless reactions after being surprised with new dog

The kids had lost their dog Diesel whom they grew up with and their parents found an adorable way to heal their pain.

Kids who lost childhood pet have priceless reactions after being surprised with new dog
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @janettmarieee

Children tend to get very attached to pets growing up and they form a bond with the animals like no other. It is heartbreaking when a child has to experience the loss of a pet and the pain is unmatched. Janett Hill shared a video explaining that her children had such a bond with their pet dog. Diesel who unfortunately passed away. However, the parents found a way to bring back the smiles on their kids’ faces by welcoming a new furry member into the family and the kids’ reactions are a pure indication of how complete and healed they felt. The parents decided to surprise the kids with their new dog Zoey and captured the moment.

Image Source: Instagram|@janettmarieee
Image Source: Instagram|@janettmarieee

“When you recently said goodbye to your childhood dog and a piece of you has been missing since,” the text overlay read. As soon as the kids got back home, the mom was waiting with the little furry girl. As soon as the kids gazed upon her, they let out a huge gasp. The oldest teen boy and his toddler brother and sister couldn’t help but look in disbelief at their new friend. While the toddlers immediately threw their bags and shoes and ran over to hold and caress Zoey, the teen boy couldn't help but feel an overwhelming dose of emotions. He turned from the camera and let out tears of joy, unsure how to process his feelings.

Image Source: Instagram|@janettmarieee
Image Source: Instagram|@janettmarieee

“You got a puppy!” the little girl screamed along with her little brother as they went all out with Zoey. “Are we getting this one,” she excitedly asked, shrieking and smiling. However, Hill’s oldest son wasn’t able to bring himself to Zoey given the massive amount of emotions he was flooded with. The two toddlers then took the puppy to their older brother who was inconsolable and held her to him. However, the young man couldn’t help but sob. “Her name is Zoey,” the mom said while the little kids shouted in delight. The boy finally managed to bring himself together and put down his bag before walking over to his mother to give her a tight hug.

Image Source: Instagram|@janettmarieee
Image Source: Instagram|@janettmarieee

The little brother-sister duo couldn’t help taking tiny Zoey into their arms and got mischievous and energetic with her. The boy finally took Zoey into his arms, ready to begin a new chapter with his latest furry member. “We said goodbye to our dog Diesel, this past month, and that has been hard on everyone - including Moose. Welcoming sweet Zoey was a complete surprise (as you can see by their reactions) and will, I hope, fill the void he’s left in all of our hearts,” the caption read. @vanessa_fox01 wrote, “You can tell the oldest was closest with the dog.”

@elvisbritishblue remarked, “The eldest lad was with his old doggy the longest. The look on his face was happiness mixed with sorrow at what he’d lost. I love him for feeling that.” @lookright11 said, “That mix of joy, sadness and a little guilt all at once kiddo. It's okay. Diesel sent her to make it okay.” @yfernandez_labella wrote, “Hung his bag, processed his thoughts and feelings, hugged his parents and then embraced the new addition. Awesome kid, beautiful human he is!”

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