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Kid's unique letter coming out as trans gets a hilariously wholesome response from mom

The mom's response is a perfect example of how accepting parents need to be when their children come out of the closet.

Kid's unique letter coming out as trans gets a hilariously wholesome response from mom
Cover Image Source: X | @CherieAmours

It can be an unnerving feeling for kids to come out to their parents. It is mainly because they look up to their parents as their biggest support system and want them to accept their real identities. A mother named Cherie Gracia on X (@CherieAmours) revealed how her son came out to her and it is fair to say that she had the most wholesome response. Gracia shared a picture of a letter she received from her son that is truly unique. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | John-Mark Smith
Representative Image Source: Pexels | John-Mark Smith

The letter read, "Congatulations! You are now the proud owner of your very own son (sic)." Each alphabet was written using paper clippings. The teenager mentioned in the end, "Please use he/him pronouns for me now. Thanks, Crow." In the caption, the mom revealed, "My teenager handed me this envelope and asked that I wait to open it until after he went to his dad's house. After opening it, I called to let him know that the *only* thing that's wrong with this is the 'r' he accidentally left out of congratulations."


The mother wrote the sweetest thing in the comments section about her son's decision. She said, "There is nothing my kids could do to lose my support and unconditional love. My prayer for each one of them is that they live life as their authentic selves, without compromise." She added that her kid is figuring out things and she is supporting him 100%. "Because God created both of my babies perfectly," she expressed.


The mother revealed her son's response when she told him that 'r' missing in his letter. She wrote, "His dad's letter has the 'r.' He said he was looking for a smaller r to fit on my letter, then got distracted and forgot to add it. He and I always call out spelling mistakes on signs, so the missing 'r' made me smile. I think he was a little nervous too."


She also explained why her son wrote the letter in such a unique manner. She said she was passing through her son's room sometime before he gave her the envelope and she was on a call with her former husband. "Dad asked how Crow was doing and I said, 'They are either working on homework or holding someone ransom.' I was relieved that it wasn't the latter when I opened the envelope," the woman joked.


People applauded the mom for the way she responded to the whole situation. @SuprBRDee commented, "I love how you pointed out the spelling error. Typical mom thing to do. And your unconditional love is what all parents should have no matter who their kids are." @TheDarkTyger wrote, "You're an awesome mom. But it is sad that we live in a world where this is considered exceptional parenting and not just the norm."


@LadyNeon85 said, "It's wonderful to witness a child with parents so amazing that they come out to them. It's a privilege not enough are given." @FalSkyWolf shared, "Oh my stars, this is so adorable. What a creative way to tell his parents! Crow seems like a great kid - congratulations for giving him the respect, freedom, and sense of fun for him to be able to give you this!"

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