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Kids take considerable creative freedom while retelling the Christmas story and it's hilarious

Kids are the purest human beings that exist and they often say things like they see it rather than curating sentences and scenarios that make sense. This video is proof of that.

Kids take considerable creative freedom while retelling the Christmas story and it's hilarious
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Southland Christian Church

Kids are often too honest and unfiltered in their words as well as actions. While this can go south sometimes, more often than not, it is a wonderful delight! In a video produced and posted by the Southland Christian Church on Facebook, people see a group of kids telling the story of Christmas in their own words and the result is absolutely rib-tickling.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Brett Sayles 
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Brett Sayles 

In the video, some kids from the Kentucky church's children's ministry are asked to share what they thought and knew about the Christmas story, reports TODAY Parents. While the youngsters narrate their version of the age-old tale, a few older members of the church act out the hilarious rendition while dressed up as biblical characters. One of the kids begins the story by telling us what exactly Mary was doing when she got the news of her baby. "She was just doing laundry and then the angel just appeared and she was really scared," the child said, referring to Gabriel's first visit to Mary.


In the next part of the story according to the kids, the Mary and Joseph went to "Bethle-ha-ha-ham" to find a place to reside. However, they were unable to find any decent lodging. So, the couple made do with what they had and Mary delivered Jesus in a stable. The amusing video was produced back in 2015 and according to Hanna Wahlbrink, the creative director for Southland Christian Church, its purpose was to be presented on Christmas Eve that year. Despite being such a classic story, the kids' take on it gave it a completely fresh spin to the extent that even eight years later, it's trending and going viral.

The director spoke about how they went along with creating the video, keeping in mind that they wished to take substantial help from the kids. She said, "We didn't ask them to say anything specific. We wanted the kids to take the lead." And the kids nailed it. Even in the scene where the wise men arrive to come and see Jesus, they gift him some modern items like diapers, wipes, stuffed animals, as well as Air Jordans. Talking and worrying about baby Jesus, one kid says, "I don't know how it would survive in that barn. Too stinky. Too crowded." Similarly, one child says that the first time Joseph saw Jesus, his happiness knew no bounds. In fact, according to the kid, Joseph said, "I love you and you're the best baby I've ever seen. There. I said it."


The director and the producer for the church aimed to have raw comments like these for the video. The video producer, Neil Gregory, said, "We really didn't want to script it because we knew the kids would give us better sound bites than anything we could come up with on our own." This video has reached millions of people who found the child version of the well-known tale wholesome and hilarious.

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