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Kids reveal their love language as each of them reacts differently to their mom having a headache

The oldest child asks her, 'What happened, bro?' and lies down next to her. He asks her to go up and rest.

Kids reveal their love language as each of them reacts differently to their mom having a headache
TikTok | @familytokss

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 16, 2023. It has since been updated.

Every child is different and that stands true even for siblings. All of them might respond differently to the same situation. In a Tiktok video posted by @familytokss, a mother pretends to have a headache just to see the reaction of her four children. The oldest one comes and asks her, “What happened, bro?” before lying down next to her. He then asks her to go upstairs and rest. The second child can be seen coming in and quietly switching off the lights. After this, the third child comes and asks her if they can go to Starbucks and the mom agrees. The youngest one kisses her when he comes to know she has a headache. It is an extremely wholesome video that shows the personalities of the siblings aptly.  

The video garnered more than 4 million views and is captioned, “Pranking my kids to get their reaction.” Many on Tiktok loved the children’s responses. @adamarieplazanieves commented, “You can see the different love languages. Physical touch, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation… BEAUTIFUL.” @asiancajun commented, “Aww the 2nd one touched me because he’s always “whatever” but he loves his mama! Your kids are great because YOU are.” @mama.z.ta commented, “You need to start doing episodes on how you became a super mom and how you raised them because they are so beautiful inside and out.” 

Tiktok | @familytokks
TikTok | @familytokks


The same video was also posted on Reddit with the caption, “Love languages” and has more than 54,000 upvotes. Reddit users couldn't stop talking about the second child's response. u/YggdrasilsLeaf commented, “The middle child is the best child. Not a single word. Knows mom has a migraine. Turns off the lights and knows to be quiet. Edit: the unsung heroes in every family. Always the middle child." In a similar vein, u/unhappy-professor-88 commented, “Aww. That second son just looks long enough to know it’s a headache and that turning the light out might be helpful. Turns out the light and creeps away. Bless him.” Others had good things to say about the other kids. u/ghillieintherain commented, “This is a subtle mom flex right here for how nicely they treat their mom.” u/txpvca commented, “Aww the oldest just wanted to cuddle like he was still the baby.” 

Reddit | u/Alphinaud_Leveiqueer
Reddit | u/Alphinaud_Leveiqueer


In another story, a caring toddler gives her mother a note which reads, "Dear mom, I'm sorry if you had a ruf day." It is signed off with two hearts. The picture is captioned, "Just found this note from 6 and I will be keeping it until I die." It was posted on Twitter by the mother @acweyand

Tiktok | @familytokss
TikTok | @familytokss


The post gained attention on Twitter, gaining over 63,000 views. Many Twitter users shared the notes and drawings from their children and just loved the child's message. @LesiaOA commented, "Such a caring soul. This is truly special but it doesn’t hurt to write the name and date on these things because we do forget." Another user @EEEaley commented, "8YO wrote me a note in marker and crayon, last month saying “Dear Mom, you have a heart of gold.” It’s on the fridge & I’m also keeping it forever." Yet another user @marymast21 responded with, "Yes. Such a keeper. My 18, 19, 30, and 31 yo children love seeing notes like this that I’ve kept from them!"  and user @LabFairfax commented, "That is the sweetest! Mine have taken to drawing me pictures and turning them into cards that say I love you. That stack makes me happy."


This adorable trend of capturing a child's love language is touching the hearts of parents and non-parents alike. Take a look at the video and watch how each of the three children's show of concern for their mother warms your heart.

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