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Kids debate if mommy or daddy is better with their mom in the car in hilarious video

They state their reasons and make arguments for and against each parent and conclude that both of them have done a lot of things for them.

Kids debate if mommy or daddy is better with their mom in the car in hilarious video
Image Source: TikTok/megba1413

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 3, 2023. It has since been updated.

We all love our parents. They play the part of our first role models in our lives. However, there is always an eternal question of which of our parents we like better. Most of us cannot answer it, but a hilarious video of siblings discussing which of their parents is better has gained the internet's attention. The video was posted on TikTok by the mother, Megan and has since received 300k views. The text inlay in the video reads, "Anyone else's kids fight over whether mommy or daddy are better?" Not only did they argue about who was better, they actually did it with Mom sitting with them in the car. 

Image Source: TikTok/megba1413
Image Source: TikTok/megba1413


The mother can be seen driving in the video. One kid can be heard saying, "I love Mommy" and another says they love mommy too. One kid says their mother is better and the other replies, "Look, why does Mommy have to be better?" The discussion moves on to their father and they say he doesn't "stink" and he "wrestles" them. "He makes us lunch, he even takes us to the park, he lets us work with him and he does so much for us," said another. The child who said the mother is better agreed and said the father takes lots of showers and doesn't stink. "He even takes showers more than mom," they concluded.

They continue, "He brushes his teeth in the morning, but I don't like him peeing standing up." This heartwarming and hilarious discussion between Megan's three daughters put a smile on everyone's faces. One TikTok user, @barbsgoofy said, "I get you! But think how lucky your children are that they are arguing over which awesome parent is better!" Another person, @busterblife commented, "My young son once said, Dad, is the entertainment and Mom is for keeping us alive."

Image Source: TikTok/megba1413
Image Source: TikTok/megba1413


"This is the most respectful and intelligent debate I have heard in years!" said @ultramaga47. TikTok user @barndizzles said, "Notice the kids didn't mention job title, salary, size of their house. Everything they liked about dad was about how he spent time with them." The video was also posted on Twitter by @Jazzie654 and got 370.2k views. Twitter user @TheHaplessFan commented, "How Mom didn't break down laughing and crash the mini-van is an exemplary display of the multitasking skills required for successful parenting these days. I'd have been unable to see through tears of hilarity. (Little girl theories on the logistics of men are the best.)" 

"The amazing point about this is that these tiny people make points and counterpoints, as well as back up their arguments. A lot of adults don't manage this. Mommy and Daddy are doing something right," said another Twitter user @NullumOffer

Image Source: TikTok/megba1413
Image Source: TikTok/megba1413


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