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Children have the most adorable reaction to teacher showing them picture of his 'favorite student'

The picture was hidden in a box and the students could not stop smiling after finding out what it was.

Children have the most adorable reaction to teacher showing them picture of his 'favorite student'
Cover Image Source: Hulusi Çakır/Instagram

Teachers are an integral part of the lives of everyone. They educate us and shape us into better individuals and citizens of society. Good teachers also have a profound effect on the self-esteem of the students they teach. They make them believe that they are capable of everything they want to be in life. A teacher made a similar attempt to boost the confidence of his students and display the love he has for all of them.

In a Reddit video posted by u/kenezmaa, a teacher asked his students to go and look into a box that has the picture of his favorite student. The children were obviously curious and wanted to know if they made the cut. Students can be seen coming and looking into the box one by one. They proceeded with a look of curiosity on their face and instantly smiled widely when they saw what was in the box.



The teacher, Hulusi Çakır, then goes ahead and reveals what's in the box: a mirror. Hence, every child who came in saw their own face indicating that the teacher loves each of them equally. All of them had a joyous look on their face that symbolizes the happiness and comfort of having such a brilliant teacher. The heartwarming video gathered almost 1000 upvotes on Reddit with people applauding the teacher.

A user wrote in the comments, "These are the kind of teachers we need more of." Another said, "And that little buddy is why the person who's in that box right there is my favorite student. Peace little brother and sister." A third user said, "Genuine love for the teachers for making those kids feel amazing."



The teacher originally posted the video on his Instagram with the caption, "I said 'I put a picture of my favorite student in the box.' Play it on let's see." The video has gathered over 100,000 likes and around 2.5 million views so far. A user on Instagram commented, "There is a teacher who enlightens a child's life and there is a teacher who leaves a child's first enthusiasm in his course and makes him cool from school. May Allah increase the number of teachers like you who are idealists and love children unconditionally." He also posts other videos of his classroom with students engaging in innovative practices. The Turkish teacher's posts often go viral due to his innovative teaching techniques. 

For anyone who wants to pursue a profession in education, Hulusi is an inspiration, reports News 18. In another Instagram video, Hulusi demonstrates how to practice making original origami drawings with students. The students loved participating in this exercise. Their beaming faces revealed how delighted they were to be taking part in the activity.



Good teachers are known to go out of their way to make sure their students aren't missing out on anything. In another instance, an Iranian teacher went above and beyond to make sure his student battling cancer didn't miss out on school. He visits him every single day in the hospital and catches him up on everything taught in school. In a viral photo, he can be seen sitting outside the hospital room of his student separated by a glass pane. He is patiently sitting down on the floor with a tablet, trying his best to teach him everything happening in class. 

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