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Kids describe what colors actually look like to a blind man in heartwarming moment

A few young kids were asked to describe what colors are to a young man and they had the most creative and vibrant examples ever.

Kids describe what colors actually look like to a blind man in heartwarming moment
Cover Image Source: YouTube| Cut

The gift of sight is a blessing that many take for granted. Only those deprived of their visual abilities truly understand what they’re missing out on. Cut shared a video of Mack, a visually impaired man who had the chance to learn what colors “look” like. A group of kids was challenged to describe colors to Mack, and they did an adorable and remarkable job. Mack explained to the kids that he had been blind since birth and wanted to understand colors.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Asiama Junior
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Asiama Junior

“When you think of colors, what do you think of?” he asked. A boy, puzzled, trying to figure out how to explain said, “Well, you see colors.” Mack interrupted him politely and reminded him, “I don’t see colors, you see colors.” One of the young girls, trying her best to explain, asked, “Have you ever seen the color of blueberries?” Mack patiently said, “I have not seen anything, ever.” To make things easier, Mack asked the kids what they thought of when they thought of the color blue. One kid exclaimed, “Water and my pillow!” Another said, “Steven’s shirt,” glancing at the shirt of the boy seated next to her and Mack. “Well, he can’t see my shirt!” the boy exclaimed.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ravi Kant
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ravi Kant

Mack assisted them further, “What sound do you think of when you think blue?” One of the girls began to hum in a calm, soft voice in response to Mack’s question. Another young chap began wailing, preferably indicating a bright sky blue! “What about red?” he asked another girl. “Red is like fire and madness. When I think of red, it’s like an explosion, like a boom!” she sweetly explained. Another kid chimed in, saying that red reminded him of blood. “Oh, wow, ooh,” Mack remarked, finally able to get the gist of the colors. Another kid very confidently squeaked to represent the bright and beaming personality of the color.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Miguel Á. Padriñán
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Miguel Á. Padriñán

Coming to the color green, the kids had vivid perceptions about the color. “It could be either happy or disgusting. Like ‘Ew, broccoli!’” one of the young girls said. Another added, “Boogers!” “It’s like somebody farted,” the third suggested. “Green is rotten, it makes me feel like a zombie,” one of the boys said. Mack’s expressions were a victorious representation that he could associate the colors with the explanations. After going through a few more colors, one of the young boys shared an interesting definition for the color yellow. “Yellow could be like the good kid who can never sit still,” he said.

Another suggested that yellow is like a splashing sound. “It’s like a box tumbling down a hill,” a young girl added. Though bizarrely unique, the perceptions all seemed accurate enough. Lastly, pink had the most beautiful perceptions. Most of the girls got super eager to speak about the color. “Like ah!” one of the girls shrieked excitedly. “Unicorns exploding in my mouth,” another said. “I learn something new every day,” Mack said eagerly, satisfied with the purely adorable descriptions he received.


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