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Kid makes a meal and writes a heartwarming note for mom down with Covid-19: 'I made this for you'

In the picture, there is a spinach salad along with a note which reads, 'I made this for you! If it is not perfict, I am sorry.'

Kid makes a meal and writes a heartwarming note for mom down with Covid-19: 'I made this for you'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @ErinInTheMorn

Kids are undoubtedly the kindest souls. And sometimes the things they do out of love just melt your heart. A picture posted on Twitter by a mom shared the sweetest thing her son did for her while she was down with Covid-19. Erin Reed, a content creator and activist, shared a picture of the food and a note that her son left outside her room. In the picture, there is a spinach salad, along with a note, which reads, "I made this for you! If it is not perfict, I am sorry." She captioned it, "Y’all I am sick with Covid and look what my son made for me and left on the table right outside my bedroom door."



The post soon went viral, garnering more than 3 million views and 82,000 likes. Many on Twitter found the child's act adorable. @illmannered13 commented, "Great job young man! Your momma is proud of you." @fueksy commented, "Great job Mum you are raising a beautiful soul get well soon." @suzannehart007 commented, "Aah what a sweetie, bless him. He's on the right track. Looks so healthy. Thoughtful, loving child. Credit to mummy." @knol123 commented, "Tell us you are a great parent w out telling us you are a great parent. Well done.."



Many on the platform also shared their own experiences. @sahtired commented, "When I was little my mom had a stomach bug. As she started to feel better and got hungry I made her a pb&j. Was the first food I ever made. I brought it to her bedside and took a step stool so I could watch over her as she slept. She said it was the best sandwich she ever had." @ConnieD16845594 commented, "What a darling! I raised 3 boys and they would do stuff like that. I have a big box of keepsakes from them. My youngest son and his wife live on this property and look out for me. I'm so blessed. So are you Here's hoping you get well soon."



In another similar story, a mother @acweyand posted on Twitter a picture of a note she received from her daughter. It reads, "Dear mom, I'm sorry if you had a ruf day." It is signed off with two hearts. The picture is captioned, "Just found this note from 6 and I will be keeping it until I die." 



The post went viral on Twitter with more than 63,000 views. Many Twitter users shared the notes and drawings from their children and just loved the child's message. @LesiaOA commented, "Such a caring soul. This is truly special but it doesn’t hurt to write the name and date on these things because we do forget." @EEEaley commented, "8YO wrote me a note in marker and crayon, last month saying “Dear Mom, you have a heart of gold.” It’s on the fridge & I’m also keeping it forever." @marymast21 commented, "Yes. Such a keeper. My 18, 19, 30, and 31 yo children love seeing notes like this that I’ve kept from them!" @LabFairfax commented, "That is the sweetest! Mine have taken to drawing me pictures and turning them into cards that say I love you. That stack makes me happy."

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