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Child with autism takes part in a Halloween party for the first time and dances his heart out

'Now, Tommy takes part in and enjoys activities I used to only dream of.'

Child with autism takes part in a Halloween party for the first time and dances his heart out
Image Source: Reddit/u/bendubberley_

People with autism spectrum disorder often face a lot of hurdles in being in social places and interacting with others. Due to this, they might miss out on certain experiences in life. However, with constant support and aid, they can still live life to the fullest. Tommy, a boy with autism, took part in his first Halloween party and his reaction is absolutely priceless.

In the video posted on Reddit by u/bendubberley_, the boy can be seen jumping and having fun with other kids at a party. He is wearing noise-canceling earphones which aid people who have sensitivity to conflicting noises. The text inlay reads, "Today my autistic son took part in a Halloween disco." The next frame reads, "I remember all too well the years when understanding and following instructions seemed near impossible." The boy can be seen enjoying the disco entirely and smiling with amazement. The parent further wrote in the video, "Now Tommy takes part in and enjoys activities I used to only dream of." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


It is an achievement indeed and it wouldn't have been possible if he didn't have a supportive and caring environment around him. Reddit users agreed with one user sharing, "I have an autistic son and I absolutely love this. I get emotional watching this because I can relate to how you feel." Another added, "My boy is autistic as well. This video is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing." 

A third user shared, "That’s awesome! Those little things to most parents are huge for the parents of all the Tommy’s. Party on Tommy you rock." A Reddit user with a similar condition shared their own experience, "I went to a silent disco once. Wonder if he’d enjoy that. I have Tourette syndrome which comes with sensory issues like autism (and a large number of people with Tourette's also have autism). Anyway, I went to Tourette's camp and they had a dance with noise-canceling headphones."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


They added, "So the music was only in your headphones and you could take them off at any time. it was the first dance I’d ever been able to attend due to my sensory issues."

In another example of a wholesome first experience for an autistic person, a mother took her 10-year-old son, Oliver, to a Coldplay concert. This was the first time he had ever experienced a concert and his reaction is extremely wholesome. Nikki McLean Murray, the boy's mother, caught the moment on camera and posted it on TikTok which has since gone viral. The text inlay reads, "I bought the tickets knowing I might need to leave in the first song due to his autism. He doesn't like conflicting noises but loves lights so I took a chance, this is how it went."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


The boy can be seen thoroughly enjoying the show while fighting with some triggers. He seems surprised by Coldplay's performance of "Fix You" and it moved people to tears. She stated that seeing Oliver's response to the Coldplay concert was fantastic because her son seldom gets thrilled about anything. It was just because of the support and care of his mother that was able to have an experience of a lifetime.

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