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Kid has the most heartwarming reaction to being officially adopted

The video captures the 6-year-old's emotional reaction as he joyfully jumps and hugs his foster parents after learning that he's been adopted.

Kid has the most heartwarming reaction to being officially adopted
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@peytonandharv

Adoption is a heartwarming process that goes beyond legal procedures; it binds families together in profound and meaningful ways. Adoption offers a beacon of hope for vulnerable children who may have experienced hardship and uncertainty, granting them the security and love they need to flourish. Harvey, a 6-year-old boy from North Carolina, experienced such a moment three years ago and it will stay with him forever. In what is now a viral clip on TikTok, Megan and Brian, Harvey's foster parents, sit him down to share some important news. 

Image Source: TikTok/@peytonandharv
Image Source: TikTok/@peytonandharv


The throwback clip begins with Megan telling the boy they have something to show him. Off-camera, Megan begins, "So, there's something special that happened yesterday," catching Harvey's attention. When asked if he knows what it might be, Harvey responds with uncertainty. Brian then reveals, "Harvey is officially..." At that moment, the 6-year-old boy sits up eagerly, asking, "I'm adopted? I'm adopted right now?" Harvey appears shocked to hear that it became official the day before and repeatedly seeks confirmation. Filled with joy, he exclaims, "I'm going to stay here? Yay!" With excitement overwhelming him, Harvey jumps around on the porch, embracing his parents in a heartwarming moment. Brimming with newfound excitement, he runs to play fetch with their dog.

The post has garnered over 25.4 thousand likes on the social media platform. Users on the platform loved the adorable video. @chocolategem43 commented, "The way the baby said I'm adopted, I'm going to stay here, touched my heart." Another user, @kate_grace12, was able to relate to the moment, saying, "And that’s what it’s all about!! I adopted my daughter the same way!" Other individuals on the platform who were adopted were deeply touched; @jhargus shared, "I'm adopted and this touched my soul. Congratulations on your forever home buddy.." @thegoldengoldiee commended the foster parents, saying, "It's people like you guys who make such a huge impact in the world."

In the United States, the foster care and adoption system is vital in providing safe and stable homes for children in need. Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for children removed from their homes due to neglect, abuse, or other challenging circumstances.

Image Source: TikTok/@tyla_inaani, TikTok/@lovelycoco84
Image Source: TikTok/@tyla_inaani, TikTok/@lovelycoco84


During their time in foster care, children receive care and support from foster families while efforts are made to reunify them with their biological families or find a suitable permanent placement through adoption. According to a survey done by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2,03,770 children under the age of 18 entered the foster care system in the country in 2021, a rate of 3 per 1000. Out of this, kids between the ages of 1 to 5 make up the largest share of children entering foster care. As for kids exiting the system, the survey revealed that, 214,542 children and youth went out of the system, with over 47% of these kids reunited with their parent or primary caretaker in 2021, a noticeable decrease from 57% in 2000. 

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