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Kid dressed as Michael Myers hilariously staying in character after fall has us ready for Halloween

The kid has gone viral on social media for doing the most accurate representation of the character.

Kid dressed as Michael Myers hilariously staying in character after fall has us ready for Halloween
Image Source: Storyful News & Weather/Youtube

Halloween consists of many traditions that are a part of every American household. People make Jack-o’-Lanterns, children go trick-or-treating, visit haunted houses and share scary stories. However, one of the most popular Halloween customs is dressing up in spooky costumes. Some people simply wear the costumes while others also try to embody the spirit of the character they chose. A boy did exactly that at the "Boo at the Zoo" Halloween event for kids held at Louisville Zoo in Kentucky, reported Comic Sands. The boy chose to dress up as the iconic character of Michael Myers from the Halloween series of slasher films.



He didn't leave any stone unturned in embodying the spirit of the actor. He was captured on a video recorded by Amber Aden, who saw that the child was taking his character very seriously. He was picking up pumpkins and throwing them around when Aden decided to record him. She told Storyful, "He then started walking around fences and leaped out and frightened my mom. After that is when he got on the hay bales."

The young child wearing the identifiable Michael Myers mask could be seen standing on top of a hay bale evaluating his surroundings carefully. He made an unsuccessful attempt to jump from one bale to the next, landing on his back. He looked unharmed afterward and recreated an iconic moment from the original movie, "Halloween"He sat up straight referencing the scene when Myers reveals that he isn't dead by doing the same.



In the background of the video, Aden and her family can be heard laughing. She insisted that the boy's composure was what caused her to "crack up." The video went viral on social media with several people applauding the child for a great performance. A Twitter user shared the clip and wrote, "this might be my new favorite Halloween video LMAOO. One of the kids at boo @ the zoo was Michael." Another said, "It’s how he rose back up that’s taking me tf out." 

"I’m threatening, not like global warming or a nuclear bomb, but like a child dressed up as Michael Myers," yet another Twitter user shared. "IT'S THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS!!!!" declared another. 



A user commented on Storyful's youtube video, "I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not But he’s a star. The whole place seems like a blast! Now that’s what Halloween is all about! Everyone hyped up on sugar and having fun. Happy Halloween everyone." 

As we reported earlier, a 5-year-old dressed up as a real-life "Chucky" doll terrorized people in an Alabama neighborhood. A woman named Walden was absolutely shocked when she saw the real-life version of the homicidal doll from the 1988 horror film "Child's Play." She uploaded photos from the encounter on social media saying, "Dear Parents of the little boy in the Chucky costume in Pinson... GET YOUR KID... I almost had a heart attack."  It was revealed that the boy loves getting in costumes and making people laugh. His outfit of "Chucky" was one of his favorites ever since he went as the doll on Halloween. 

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