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Baby elephant steals the spotlight by tickling journalist who was filming a report

He felt a tap on his back but wanted to continue recording until he cracked into laughter.

Baby elephant steals the spotlight by tickling journalist who was filming a report
Image Source: Alvin Kaunda/Instagram/storyful

Stories of animals interrupting live TV are shockingly common. While watching these adorable animals interact with humans is fun, it is a test for TV reporters to keep their calm. A Kenyan reporter struggled to keep his calm when he was interrupted by a baby elephant, reports 9 News. Journalist Alvin Kaunda was reporting from an elephant orphanage, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, southern Kenya and he felt a tap on his shoulder. He was talking about how human actions are destroying the balance of the ecosystem. He said in the viral recording, "With the rise in drought cases, it is up to us to be guardians of our natural world." The curious baby can be seen caressing the reporter's head with its trunk. The reporter tries hard to concentrate and continues, "to save our wild species and a provide home." 

Image Source: Alvin Kaunda/Instagram
Image Source: Alvin Kaunda/Instagram


However, when the baby elephant named Kindani put its trunk in Kaunda's mouth, he couldn't help but start laughing. Kaunda told ABC 7, "It was actually my first time at the trust. I knew I was going to see the elephants but didn't know that they'd let me so close to them." He explained, "At first I felt the elephant trunk's contact on my back but decided to keep going because I was doing the almost 10th take of my piece to camera. "I wasn't gonna let anything stop me. Until the baby elephant stuck its trunk in my mouth.


Kuanda posted this adorable video on his Instagram with the caption, "3 of 5 of the big 5. Great experiences so far behind the scenes. .. Wait for it!!." He talks about the work Sheldrick Trust is doing with these orphaned elephants. Kuanda says that at this charitable foundation these elephants are taught life lessons, love and how to "grapple with grief" after losing their families. The video has gathered over 50k views and it has put a smile on everyone's faces. One Instagram user commented, "I love that you tried until the last moment to make it through without laughing. The elephant calves are just too cute & playful." Another added, "I'm saving this video for any day that I need cheering up." Sheldrick Trust also thanked him by commenting, "Everyone wants to be the star! Thank you for coming to the Nursery and meeting our special herd."


According to their website, Sheldrick Trust's Orphan project "exists to offer hope for the future of Kenya’s threatened elephant and rhino populations as they struggle against the threat of poaching for their ivory and horn and the loss of habitat due to human population pressures and conflict, deforestation and drought." 

They raise baby elephants in their Nairobi Nursery and release them back into the wild after they are old enough to take care of themselves. You can even adopt an orphan in this nursery and pay for their food, medical and other expenses. The keepers on the fields of this Trust care for these babies like their mothers and offer "them unconditional love, emotional support and the learning experiences that each young elephant needs to grow."

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