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‘Karen’ threatens to get employee fired but kind stranger alerts manager of faux complaint

The 'Karen' started screeching despite the employee being really courteous and decent to her and that's when the original poster decided to intervene.

‘Karen’ threatens to get employee fired but kind stranger alerts manager of faux complaint
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An entitled 'Karen' tried to get an employee fired over nothing at a gas station but a kind stranger at the scene intervened to ensure nothing came of it. The incident happened at a Costco gas where there's always a huge queue due to the cheap prices. A Redditor explained how they thwarted the attempt of a 'Karen' to get an employee fired for simply suggesting that she use a different line to pump gas. The Redditor explained that the best way to counter Karens was to counter complain. 



"In line at Costco Gas. The lines are nuts because gas prices are nuts and Costco gas is cheap and convenient. Everyone is on edge. The Costco gas employees have to periodically sweep the lanes and clean up spilled gas. Just like at the registers when they close a line they stop people from lining up in that lane. They finish the people currently in the queue and direct other customers into different lanes so they can cone off the lane and sweep," wrote the Redditor.



The person was pumping gas when they saw an entitled woman wanting an exemption at the lane that was being cleaned. "A woman drives around the cones and into the lane they are sweeping like she’s exempt from the process and is going to get gas. Employee guy jogs over and tells her in a normal tone, 'Sorry ma’am, this lane is closed for the moment, can you please pull around into a different line?' She says 'why?' He says 'This lane is closed… (sees an empty spot not yet filled in the adjacent lane) you can go there'.”



The Redditor said the woman was ready to be offended and immediately started making a ruckus. "She starts screeching 'you don’t have to talk to me that way! I don’t appreciate! Screech screech screech!' A guy gets out of the passenger seat. Employee guy is babbling and pointing and waving, points at cones, empty lane, broom. The 'screeching lady' turns into 'cursing lady' and starts dropping expletives about how he can’t treat me this, and effing that. Passenger guy gives employee the finger," said the original poster. "The employee is looking around because he’s in over his head. The cursing lady starts with the 'your manager is going to hear about this, you just lost your job, screech screech!' Gets in the car and peels out leaving. I finish pumping and go find a place to park," the Redditor wrote. The original poster knew the employee could potentially lose their job because of this faux complaint and decide to alert the manager.



They immediately googled the store phone number and tried to contact the manager. "I ask for the manager in charge of the gas station. 'Sorry, he’s gone for the day. Can I leave a message?' Uhm… 'ok, can I tell you then? I just saw this whole thing go down. In a minute, you’re going to get a call from a lady claiming she was just disrespected by a gas employee and complaining a storm. Let me tell you what actually happened from an objective observer because no way this guy did anything wrong and it’s going to come down to his word versus crazy lady',” the Redditor told the staff, who thanked him. "Ok, thank you for the heads up, it’s nice to hear he was doing the right thing, and oh, actually your lady is on the phone with this other manager right here it sounds like, and I’ll pass along your message. Thanks for calling,” the staff told him. They signed off the post saying, "Stand up for injustice."

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