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Karen calls Black woman N-word, dramatically ends up playing the victim at a police station

The white woman's angry demeanor completely changed once she entered the police station and started acting fearful and meek.

Karen calls Black woman N-word, dramatically ends up playing the victim at a police station
Image Source: Twitter/ JENuine_Draft

Trigger warning: Race-motivated violence, police brutality

A white woman called a Black woman the N-word and then proceeded to drive down to the police station and play the victim. Offending someone else and then playing the victim is peak Karen. Jennifer Okosi, the Black woman, said she may as well saved her own life by recording the white woman during an incident in Holland, Illinois. The two women were driving in their respective cars when Karen called her the racial slur. The Black woman was overtaking the white woman when, for no reason, she called her the N-word. Having seen way too many interactions with the authorities gone wrong, the Black woman started recording the white woman. 




The white woman, watching the Black woman record, drove straight to the police station with the intention of filing a report against the Black woman. Countless white women know the authorities tend to believe them, and constantly take their side. This Karen was no different and wanted to make the Black woman just for existing. There was not even a case of an accident or a road rage incident, to even use an excuse for lashing out at the Black woman, let alone use the N-word. Okosi followed the white woman, recording her all along and narrating the events that were happening. 

Image Source: Twitter/ JENuine_Draft


Karen got out of the car and walked to the station, followed by the Black woman who kept recording. Later, she posted the video on Twitter, writing: So this happened to me yesterday where I live in South Holland, Illinois. Karen calls me a ni**er then drives to the police for help. This lady could’ve made a false report that could’ve led to my death. Pulling an Amy Cooper is illegal. Jennifer Okosi was referring to the incident where a white woman threatened to call the cops on a Black man at the park after he requested her to put a leash on the dog, as is required at the park. Amy Cooper, the white woman, proceeded to call the cops and play victim, making her voice high pitched and hysterical to make it sound like the Black man was attacking her. Much like Okosi, the Black man recorded the interaction and posted it online. 




In the video posted by Okosi, the white woman can be seen turning around and yelling, "I'm sorry. I-I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for the looting. I'm sorry for EVERYTHING. What do you want from me?" The Black woman asks her why she called her the racial slur, as she had done multiple times through the video. She admits to calling her the N-word and reasons that it was because she passed her while driving, before adding that it was because she was "So fed up with all this sh*t," probably referring to the Black Lives Matter protests that came about following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man who was killed by a white Minneapolis cop who kneeled on Floyd's neck for over 8 minutes. Countless Karens have outed themselves over the past few weeks since there were widespread protests all over America over police brutality and systemic oppression against the African-American community.




Just as Jennifer Okosi starts to respond, Karen throws her hands up in the air and enters the police station. Karen's demeanor and voice change drastically once inside the station. She starts sobbing and plays a victim by talking in a hushed and fearful voice. The change in the white woman was not too different from what Amy Cooper did when she called the cops on the Black man at the park. White women are aware of the police brutality against the African-American community and often weaponize that fear to further oppress Black people.




Karen walks up to a police officer and pleads for help, and can be heard saying, "Please, I can't take this anymore..." Jennifer then intervenes and tells the cops, "No, she called me a ni**er, and then she drove here to cry. So that's what we're dealing with." The white woman, aware that she was caught on camera admitting to using the N-word, defends her actions to the police, claiming she used it only because the Black woman had passed her on the left while driving. She then adds that she was merely reacting to the looting, even though she had no proof that Jennifer Okosi was involved personally in looting. Jennifer then calmly asks her if it's ok to call someone the N-word if they're looting, and the white woman says yes and adds that "you guys" call each other the racial slur all the time. 




Jennifer calls her pathetic and reminds her it's 2020 and that there's no place for her racism. The white woman, again feigning ignorance, says she's tired of everything. She even puts her head on the countertop as she's sobbing, playing victim all along. Jennifer tells her to go ahead and file the false police report against her. The truth is that it's not at all far-fetched to imagine the cops helping the white woman filing a false report against the Black woman if she didn't arm herself with the video clearly showing the white woman being the perpetrator and the racist.

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