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John Legend singing love song to Drew Barrymore's pet bearded dragon has people in splits

'You're my end and my beginning, if you don't poop on me I'm winning,' the singer sang to Barrymore's pet dragon, Jeremy.

John Legend singing love song to Drew Barrymore's pet bearded dragon has people in splits
Cover Image Source: Youtube | The Drew Barrymore Show

All of John Legend loves his fans. After he appeared on "The Drew Barrymore Show" on March 31, the "All of Me" singer, 44, was seen singing a remixed version of the 2013 hit to Barrymore's pet bearded dragon, Jeremy.

The two connected over their pet lizards as Legend is also the proud owner of one named Sebastian. Barrymore asked Legend if he ever sang for his pet, which Legend admitted he had yet to do. But Legend did sing a special song for Jeremy, reported PEOPLE.

Getty Images | Jon Kopaloff
Getty Images | Jon Kopaloff

The cute pet was on a tiny piano, relaxing on a tiny bed of red roses. After Legend and Barrymore noticed Jeremy's "romantic" and "sexy" stance, the EGOT winner sang "Jeremy, oh Jeremy" to the tune of his Grammy-nominated single.

"Love your curves and all your edges / all your perfect imperfections," he sang, before adding a hilarious message for the pet. "Jeremy, don't poop on me. You're my end and my beginning / if you don't poop on me I'm winning / Oh, Jeremy."

Barrymore fell to the ground in awe of the hilarious moment. After getting back up, she told Jeremy, "You know this is as good as it's gonna get." She later told Legend, "Seriously, thank you," to which he replied, "My pleasure."



Legend and Teigen had their baby daughter Esti Maxine in January 2023. Legend also opened up about his newborn. He joked, "She doesn't play Uno with us yet." As for his older children, Luna and Miles, Legend said: "They're doing so well. Honestly, I was a little worried because I felt like when she was still inside Chrissy they were a bit jealous that mom was bringing a new baby into the world, but when she came out they just snapped into place they were trying to be really good big siblings. They were excited when she came home. It just brought more energy and joy to our house."

Now, his elder children are vying for the best sibling title. "They're pretty good, they're competitive sometimes though," said the musician. "Sometimes they compete over who's gonna be the best big sibling, like who gets to hold her more."

He also spoke about his and Teigen's joint effort at parenting, "I change diapers too. We both change diapers. I even did a campaign a few years ago with Pampers, a daddy diaper duty campaign and I feel like it's the least we can do. Women have to go through so much to bring life into the world and breastfeed, the least we can do is change a diaper honestly."


According to PEOPLE, Teigen also shared her parenting experience in an interview with Extra's Jenn Lahmers in late March. "I get the iPad now," Teigen said, joking about how she understands the parenting trend with younger kids being digitally submerged in Apple products these days. "My excuse is Miles is a dinosaur genius; because of the iPad, he can recite every name, every everything. Luna is, like, designing clothes. So it's not, it's not all bad."

Getty Images | Amy Sussman
Getty Images | Amy Sussman

When asked whether Teigen's elder children realize the family they were born into, "They know, like, photographers and stuff," she said. "Like they'll be like, 'My friend said that they saw you on 'The Voice' last night'... they get it, but not really. And we're still not, you know, you're never gonna be cool to them anyway."

They are a happy family of five and could not be more adorable.

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